Thursday, January 24, 2008


So I heard some media analyst state that he knew Heath Ledger was depressed and probably suicidal because he appeared unkempt and edgy during an interview six weeks ago.
Wow, he really predicted the future didn't he? A good thing he really went out of his way to make sure his buddy Heath got into a great health care facility...ooooh right..he was a reporter who didn't give a shit and is making up bullshit so he can look really important on the television.

Congratulations CNN
day 1 Heath Ledger found naked and unresponsive on the floor, covered in pills , prescription and over the counter in Mary Kate Olsen's apartment. Housekeeper called 911.
day 2 found sort of maybe naked in his own bed in his own apartment, prescription pills were actually in the bathroom with none missing. Housekeeper called 911. A rolled up dollar bill was found in the room.
day 3 still dead, no drugs found on bill, prescriptions all legal. Was actually declared in his bed....not "unresponsive". Masseuse found body and called one of the Olsen twins for instructions????????????????????? for what? hiding the body? wtf?
Olsen twin says "call 911 asshat".
Tomorrow we will find out there was no housekeeper, it was the wrong Olsen twin and he was killed by the mafia.

And half of middle America believes everything the media tells them.

The death of Heath Ledger tragedy though it is for his family and friends is also something else. It is a wake up call to the gullible mouth breathers we call voters. It has demonstrated how the press works. The media picks the story it wants to tell and it never allows facts to get in it's way. It shivers and squats at the sound of " this is just wild speculation but.."

This is how the US ended up in Iraq, this is why the US is throwing itself face first into a recession.
The media gave you your dreams, that big house, the two new cars. The media didn't care how you paid for them except it yearned to hear that you robbed a bank or you were thrown onto the street homeless with 2.5 children and a big black lab. Both would make lovely one minute filler strips to the news.

I can hear the whispering, the grumbling..the media can't do all that, where is the personal responsibility....
Yes, where is the responsibility?

Who is responsible for the definitions in our small corner of the world? Who tells us we are successful?Pretty? Smart?
Do we get to write those down for ourselves or are they already listed? Sexiest Man Alive, Forbes Top 100....
Do you see yourself in the pictures?
Not yet right?
Just as soon as you make a little more money, get that better job, get on that diet, lose those 20lbs, buy that car, build that home....
just as soon as you do what the media tells you to do right?
Only then.....
I have a head ache.

Is it just me or does Obama have dead, shark eyes?
Look closely, his face makes all the right moves but that smile never reaches his eyes. He seems just a trifle pissed off, like a kid with high expectations that just got a slap of reality and really, really didn't like it. Crossing Obama may be a little more dangerous than previously thought.
I do not like those eyes though. This guy is much too young to have that look.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

my love goes on and on

For Russell Crowe. Oh, shut it, I can hear the groaning. Just had a chance to see 3:10 to Yuma and it wasn't just great it was a fine movie. Westerns are hard to make well and usually I only trust Clint Eastwood to do them but I should never have doubted Russell. Yes, I know he threw a phone at a guy but you know what? some people need a phone to the forehead sometimes.
Crowe is a nice family man. His parents and his siblings all live with him. He just doesn't take any shit from anyone and that includes asshole hotel clerks.
We should have saluted the throwing of the phone, hell, he did what all of us have wanted to do at least once to some officious little asshole intent on making our lives difficult and ugly for no other reason but to make themselves feel important.

I have been surrounded by people lately that wouldn't suffer the loss of one IQ point if they were beaten briskly about the head with two phones.
When did we all just bend over for the never ending "push one for..."??????

If we were really the macho, independent free thinkers we all think we are we would have refused to deal with any company that tortures it customers in such a sadistic way.

Have you ever got an electric bill so high it made you gag? Have you ever called the electric company to ask for more time because it's just too damn cold for prostitution and a full time office job? Have you ever had to talk to the condescending bitch who has never had a moments trouble paying any bills because either she still lives at home or her husband pays them for her?
Would it be okay if I hit her with a phone just once?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I regularly forget I have this blog thing and because I have to date maybe two readers who never comment it probably isn't such a big deal.
But I wanted someplace to write about how I feel watching the media murder Britney Spears. Don't get me wrong, I believe Ms Spears holds some responsibility for the tragedy her life has become but I think the media holds their share too.
The problem is I can't blame the media entirely. Mass media is a business. Business means money. Everything they do is all about making the most money possible. The media researches the public and the public announces clearly what the want to read or watch.
The public wants blood, despair, tragedy..all things grotesque.
The media obliges and makes billions.

We haven't evolved at all. The Romans murdered for the entertainment of the masses, mobs watched and cheered at public executions for hundreds of years. All we have changed in 2008 is removing the public execution and exchanging it for public humiliation that lasts and lasts and lasts.
I bet the Britney Spears mob wouldn't mind seeing her execution if they could watch in the privacy of their own home.

What does it say about us as a people that we label the life of a seriously mentally ill young woman entertainment?
When did we get so cut off from reality?
I know, it's when "reality television" became so prevalent. We sat and watched real people acting bizarrely for hours and hours soaking it all up, unable , unwilling to see the wizard behind the curtain writing the lines those "real" people were saying.
We have become so willingly duped we watch something real and don't react to it anymore.
We think "oh, it's just entertainment, attention seeking stars..." We are filling in the blanks with our own imaginations always forgetting this is a real person.

Anyone who has read McCarthy's The Road and still has a brain linked to the real world understood immediately that the future he describes fits perfectly with the behaviour we see every day. Just change the scenario around a bit. You have food and the baying mob of paparazzi has none, how much pressure would it take to move them from a mob to murderers?

Britney is food, for the media barons and the public , how close have we come to finishing our meal? Will we just chew off a limb or two leaving her crippled but alive or are we going to finish the job?

Just by simply stopping your consumption you could maybe walk away with a minimum of blood on your hands but you aren't going to are you? You need to see.

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