Sunday, February 08, 2009

back from the ether

I waited so long no one is reading at all anymore! Okay so it's not like I had thousands waiting with bated breath for my next witty comment on the ridiculousness of human nature but with this Obama thing I just couldn't stay away.
Why are Americans so crazy? Why have half of you anointed Obama your leader for life and the other half have declared him Satan?
It's like watching the recreation of the Roman Empire with all this indiscriminate spending, out of control debt and endless celebrations of the new God.
The truly great Depression has arrived and while the rest of the world spends what little money they have left on health care and education the US cheerfully cuts all it's education spending and then terrorizes one of the few guys willing to take on the disaster that is American health care because he has a lousy accountant. Way to keep your eye on the ball guys!
A stimulus bill that offers nothing at all to anyone who just missed there mortgage payment and lost their job..oh wait..they get an extra hundred on the dole. Of course nobody mentions that Unemployment payments are less than poverty level and don't include health care.

You may get a tax break though! Just think, you might get an extra few hundred back! Maybe enough to pay that electric bill to keep the heat on.

How about handing every man, woman and child a hundred grand grant to pay all their bills, keep them in their house and buy stuff and maybe get together with a few friends and start a little business!
Look at that!
All the businesses get paid regularly, the bank gets it's mortgage money, people keep their jobs and their homes. Money keeps circulating and everybody stops freaking each other out telling the chicken little story over and over.

Give real people real money so they can maintain the economy just like we always have. Stop giving nameless, blameless global conglomerates more cash to hoard.

Obama has no answers, he has already fallen for the biggest lie lobbyists have always told politicians...give us the money...we can fix everything!

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