Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fox news

Are these people for real? No, really does anyone know if these people go home and behave like this when they aren't on tv? Shouldn't someone being investigating the safety of their children?
I know that Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck are insane in a scary, I have no control over my temper, let me grab your ass lady kind of way so if they have children is anyone checking to make sure they are okay?
These are people you read about in all those apocalyptic books and movies. They are the ones who cheerfully resort to keeping people for food while creating a religious army bent on creating a fundamentalist chistian old testament world where they get to kill and eat anyone who disagrees with them.
These are the people who support Israel not because they like Jews but because their crazy ass interpretation of the bible demands that the Jews have to start the apocalypse, without them these scary crazy people can't get to the rapture.
These are also the people who are constantly baffled about Islamic suicide bombers.......Maybe it's just too close to what they want to do to their own Obama voting countrymen and the cognitive dissonance freaks them out.

I do have to admit I am finding Obama a bit pathetic. He is the President and he is too timid to use the power he has. He wants everyone to agree with him and that's ridiculous. He can't even get his own party to agree with him. What he has spectacularly failed to understand is that anyone in the senate or congress has only one purpose, re-election. This is their job for life and they will do nothing that threatens their re-election or turns off the corporate money they need to pay for their television ads.
I have to laugh at how quickly Obama has backed off the public option, it's not only the sad lack of commitment worse it shows that no one has taken any time to actually sit down and draft the plan they want and then effectively communicate to the country.
Because they have no plan and only vague ideas they message is garbled and perfect for misrepresentation.
The Republican plan for paying doctors to speak to the elderly about end of life care would make every nurse, doctor and hell, their own families life so much easier. It's no treat trying to decide what mama would have wanted when mama is hooked to ventilator, dialysis machine and in a coma. What a great idea to get mama to write down what she wants in those circumstances but hell, no! Why have a convenient, helpful, truthful document outlining all the treatments mama would like to try, why not just let us guess?
Or how about we have mama begging to die but because there is no living will, no record of discussion with anyone we just ignore her and keep flogging her dying body?
What those right wing, left wing fanatics don't get is we wont remove care if we don't have a living will, we WILL DO EVERYTHING and a little more to your 90 year old , demented, crippled with arthritis, in heart failure, kidneys failing mom.
First she gets a tracheotomy and a ventilator( she can't talk), then we insert a tube directly to her stomach so we can feed her( she will never taste real food again). a foley catheter for urine she wont make because she is on dialysis through a huge deep line in her chest, neck or groin, she needs another deep line on the other side for all the medications required to create a blood pressure( drugs so toxic her fingers and toes will turn black and eventually fall off on their own or will need to be amputated). Mom will have no hands or feet! But that's okay she is still alive, sort of.We had to sedate her because she was in so much pain and hated the ventilator. So, now she is comatose! We don't stop there! Now all those hospital germs and viruses have lots of ways in and boy they are in your mom! Now she has uncontrollable diarrhea!, lungs filled with pus! and open infected bed sores!
Isn't it great that we did everything? Isn't it great that we did away with that nasty idea of talking about end of life care?
Death should never be discussed in America! Americans don't die, what are you suggesting? And since we know Americans don't die you must be talking about MURDERING MY MOTHER!!!!!!!
That is actually the way Sarah Palin actually thinks.

Some part of me really wishes Obama would grow a pair and let the nutjobs have it just like Barney Frank but it doesn't look very likely does it?
How embarrassing to let a bunch of sociopathic, red neck racist nutcases define your message...and worse let them scare you off.
These people are the very bottom of the gene pool, maybe we could enact death panels for them? We could call it the TOO Stupid to Live commission and Rush Limbaugh is up first. He needs a court ordered detox first though but the minute we get him off the Oxy he's up!

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