Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jenin, Jenin, Jenin

God it's amazing listening to the Israeli propaganda bullshit in this Global documentary. I love that everybody is denying the massacre because there weren't enough bodies to meet the UN definition. What kind of fucked up world is it when we actually have a definition of massacre that involves a body count.
Israel is nothing more than South Africa 20 years ago. It's apartheid clear and simple. The Israelis are intent on wiping out the Palestinians and the Palestinians are intent on wiping out Israelis, a reciprocal apartheid.
The ridiculous idea that these two parties can get their own personal shit together enough to work out some kind of friendly neighbour relationship is the very definition of insanity.
The Israelis actually snuck bodies out of Jenin to push the numbers down and the Palestinians were holding fake funerals for the press to push the numbers up but the Israelis made what I consider the most grotesque move in history.
They brought bulldozers !!!. Who the hell brings bulldozers to a firefight? With air support, tanks and rocket cover they bulldozed the refugee camp full of civilians. They bulldozed 7% of an entire city. Now if you believe this documentary 7% ain't nothing at all. So I ask you, if 7% of Israel just disappeared tomorrow would anyone really notice? I mean 7% is nothing at all, meaningless right?
So for the thousands of Jews who have just become homeless who cares, according to this reporter, suck it up .
Why is it when Palestinians die the media immediately adds up every attack on Israeli soil and then announces that the Palestinians should just suck it up, we have more dead than you so who cares about your loss? It' creepy and weird and they need to cut it out.
Israel regularly cuts off all water and electricity to the West bank and all other Palestinian refugee camps..(.refugee camps, can you imagine that they still exist?) . Cutting off all emergent hospital care, turning off the beloved ventilators of the Jews(that is another whole thing that makes me nuts, if you are so Orthodox you cant open a door on the Sabbath how come it's ok that your brain dead 95 year old mother can stay on a ventilator? oh I remember, if you are Jewish you aren't allowed to die naturally with dignity, you have to have every possible medical intervention known to man and then some including wasting millions of health care dollars ventilating your brain dead family member cause you don't believe in brain death, that would be crazy..)and leaving babies and children, pregnant and nursing mothers without water......apartheid nothing more and then the Palestinians start lobbing rockets at innocent Israelis and apartheid again

We need some grown ups to get over there and start knocking heads because these two groups are acting like four years old in the playground except they have guns and that just can never end well.
What we do need to do is to stop airing idiot documentaries that have obvious Israeli bias, it's embarrassing and only serves to piss everyone off and that isn't helping anyone. You are right it wasn't a massacre, it was just 70 dead people and the destruction of an entire neighbourhood of thousands of people, nothing at all to see here, move along, nothing to see here, move along...nothing to see here, move along.......

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