Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jenin, Jenin, Jenin

God it's amazing listening to the Israeli propaganda bullshit in this Global documentary. I love that everybody is denying the massacre because there weren't enough bodies to meet the UN definition. What kind of fucked up world is it when we actually have a definition of massacre that involves a body count.
Israel is nothing more than South Africa 20 years ago. It's apartheid clear and simple. The Israelis are intent on wiping out the Palestinians and the Palestinians are intent on wiping out Israelis, a reciprocal apartheid.
The ridiculous idea that these two parties can get their own personal shit together enough to work out some kind of friendly neighbour relationship is the very definition of insanity.
The Israelis actually snuck bodies out of Jenin to push the numbers down and the Palestinians were holding fake funerals for the press to push the numbers up but the Israelis made what I consider the most grotesque move in history.
They brought bulldozers !!!. Who the hell brings bulldozers to a firefight? With air support, tanks and rocket cover they bulldozed the refugee camp full of civilians. They bulldozed 7% of an entire city. Now if you believe this documentary 7% ain't nothing at all. So I ask you, if 7% of Israel just disappeared tomorrow would anyone really notice? I mean 7% is nothing at all, meaningless right?
So for the thousands of Jews who have just become homeless who cares, according to this reporter, suck it up .
Why is it when Palestinians die the media immediately adds up every attack on Israeli soil and then announces that the Palestinians should just suck it up, we have more dead than you so who cares about your loss? It' creepy and weird and they need to cut it out.
Israel regularly cuts off all water and electricity to the West bank and all other Palestinian refugee camps..(.refugee camps, can you imagine that they still exist?) . Cutting off all emergent hospital care, turning off the beloved ventilators of the Jews(that is another whole thing that makes me nuts, if you are so Orthodox you cant open a door on the Sabbath how come it's ok that your brain dead 95 year old mother can stay on a ventilator? oh I remember, if you are Jewish you aren't allowed to die naturally with dignity, you have to have every possible medical intervention known to man and then some including wasting millions of health care dollars ventilating your brain dead family member cause you don't believe in brain death, that would be crazy..)and leaving babies and children, pregnant and nursing mothers without water......apartheid nothing more and then the Palestinians start lobbing rockets at innocent Israelis and apartheid again

We need some grown ups to get over there and start knocking heads because these two groups are acting like four years old in the playground except they have guns and that just can never end well.
What we do need to do is to stop airing idiot documentaries that have obvious Israeli bias, it's embarrassing and only serves to piss everyone off and that isn't helping anyone. You are right it wasn't a massacre, it was just 70 dead people and the destruction of an entire neighbourhood of thousands of people, nothing at all to see here, move along, nothing to see here, move along...nothing to see here, move along.......

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fox news

Are these people for real? No, really does anyone know if these people go home and behave like this when they aren't on tv? Shouldn't someone being investigating the safety of their children?
I know that Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck are insane in a scary, I have no control over my temper, let me grab your ass lady kind of way so if they have children is anyone checking to make sure they are okay?
These are people you read about in all those apocalyptic books and movies. They are the ones who cheerfully resort to keeping people for food while creating a religious army bent on creating a fundamentalist chistian old testament world where they get to kill and eat anyone who disagrees with them.
These are the people who support Israel not because they like Jews but because their crazy ass interpretation of the bible demands that the Jews have to start the apocalypse, without them these scary crazy people can't get to the rapture.
These are also the people who are constantly baffled about Islamic suicide bombers.......Maybe it's just too close to what they want to do to their own Obama voting countrymen and the cognitive dissonance freaks them out.

I do have to admit I am finding Obama a bit pathetic. He is the President and he is too timid to use the power he has. He wants everyone to agree with him and that's ridiculous. He can't even get his own party to agree with him. What he has spectacularly failed to understand is that anyone in the senate or congress has only one purpose, re-election. This is their job for life and they will do nothing that threatens their re-election or turns off the corporate money they need to pay for their television ads.
I have to laugh at how quickly Obama has backed off the public option, it's not only the sad lack of commitment worse it shows that no one has taken any time to actually sit down and draft the plan they want and then effectively communicate to the country.
Because they have no plan and only vague ideas they message is garbled and perfect for misrepresentation.
The Republican plan for paying doctors to speak to the elderly about end of life care would make every nurse, doctor and hell, their own families life so much easier. It's no treat trying to decide what mama would have wanted when mama is hooked to ventilator, dialysis machine and in a coma. What a great idea to get mama to write down what she wants in those circumstances but hell, no! Why have a convenient, helpful, truthful document outlining all the treatments mama would like to try, why not just let us guess?
Or how about we have mama begging to die but because there is no living will, no record of discussion with anyone we just ignore her and keep flogging her dying body?
What those right wing, left wing fanatics don't get is we wont remove care if we don't have a living will, we WILL DO EVERYTHING and a little more to your 90 year old , demented, crippled with arthritis, in heart failure, kidneys failing mom.
First she gets a tracheotomy and a ventilator( she can't talk), then we insert a tube directly to her stomach so we can feed her( she will never taste real food again). a foley catheter for urine she wont make because she is on dialysis through a huge deep line in her chest, neck or groin, she needs another deep line on the other side for all the medications required to create a blood pressure( drugs so toxic her fingers and toes will turn black and eventually fall off on their own or will need to be amputated). Mom will have no hands or feet! But that's okay she is still alive, sort of.We had to sedate her because she was in so much pain and hated the ventilator. So, now she is comatose! We don't stop there! Now all those hospital germs and viruses have lots of ways in and boy they are in your mom! Now she has uncontrollable diarrhea!, lungs filled with pus! and open infected bed sores!
Isn't it great that we did everything? Isn't it great that we did away with that nasty idea of talking about end of life care?
Death should never be discussed in America! Americans don't die, what are you suggesting? And since we know Americans don't die you must be talking about MURDERING MY MOTHER!!!!!!!
That is actually the way Sarah Palin actually thinks.

Some part of me really wishes Obama would grow a pair and let the nutjobs have it just like Barney Frank but it doesn't look very likely does it?
How embarrassing to let a bunch of sociopathic, red neck racist nutcases define your message...and worse let them scare you off.
These people are the very bottom of the gene pool, maybe we could enact death panels for them? We could call it the TOO Stupid to Live commission and Rush Limbaugh is up first. He needs a court ordered detox first though but the minute we get him off the Oxy he's up!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

being a student when you are old

I am really liking taking online classes. They are so straight forward, you do the work at your own pace with no interference or classes to drive to. You don't have to worry about your professor liking you or finding friends or worst of all being forced into groups to do lame presentations that no one but you bothered to do.
If you have a disability they are great.
I am a quarter of the way to the finish and I sure hope it is going to be worth it.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

I am trying to stop upsetting myself

So I took the post down. I am trying to believe that only good things are going to happen and I really need to just lighten up a little more.

Does any one but me remember that Micheal Jackson at one time was pretty much a confirmed child predator accused by multiple children of having touched them inappropriately?
Amazing that an alleged pedophile is now being worshiped as a god.
This is the same guy that arranged the creation of his own non biological children that he made no effort to adopt legally.
His "children' are not even related to him.
He was obviously raised by wolves and now these wolves get to raise these children.
Debbie Rowe is right to make her move to get her kids back as quickly as possible and she is willing to take the one whose mother was a "surrogate" who has no interest in taking custody and the father is an unknown sperm donor.

Oh well, time for a nap.

Monday, March 02, 2009

on hope

After struggling for months I have finally found some relief. Enough that I can start writing again.
Sometimes I just give up for a little while and sit on the couch awaiting rescue. I don't know if it is depression or just the constant pain that grinds me down to a tiny version of myself.
The only problem with beginning to feel better is the realization that I have nothing.
Nothing to do all day, no job, no school. Just hours to fill.
Being disabled doesn't mean you are disabled from everything but it's hard to explain that to anyone because it doesn't fit what they have decided to believe.
They and by they I mean the doctors, the insurance, the employment and the family all make up their minds that disabled means unable to do.
You become defined by the list of things you can no longer do and no one including me thinks to start paying attention to the things I can still do. My brain still functions quite well on my good days but for my employer that isn't good enough. I can't blame them but I can still wish their could be some flexibility to their thinking.
I still have something to offer but no one wants what I am selling because it comes with strings.

Soon I will have to experience the grotesquery of the NEL. The NEL is non economic loss settlement. They say it is not for your pain and suffering it is just an award for what you have lost.
It comes in a percentage. A percentage that represents what has been taken from you and will never be returned.
so how do I explain this to some nameless, faceless accountant?
What percentage do I get because my bladder and bowels are at best unreliable? They are anatomically correct, they are not physically broken even when you look at them close up...the secret is only revealed when the nerves are stimulated and they respond with a big wet raspberry and work when they want to in their own time. So what percentage is that?
Do we take one week and multiply the normal by the abnormal?
How about pain? How disabled am I by pain? When I have bad pain I am 100% disabled from it.
When my meds are working well my pain becomes just background noise , is that 10%?
When I walk or sit for more than thirty minutes it takes an hour of laying down to cool the pain but then I am back up again...how can this be quantified? What algorithm exists that rates your pain in percentage points?
What kind of monster sat down to create this work of mathematical lunacy?
And of course there is a trick in all of this. A trick to punish and destroy.
If this diabolical accountant decides that your award is zero you are then cut off entirely from all support despite everyone agreeing you are "disabled".You are just not disabled enough to quantify or maybe you are too disabled to quantify......
You have no choice in this either. You can not say "no thank you, I have no interest in playing pick your number". You must submit.
And that is what it's all about right?
First you submit to your injury and you submit to the care of your doctors and then you submit to your employer,your insurance and yourself.
Now I submit to my pain, my inability to move when I want to, the "drug interactions" that lead to "side effects" and I submit to the people who pay me so I can continue to be paid, so I can pay for the medications that grant me that one bright day.

I have no choice but to submit and that is what being disabled means, submission.
I would make a great nun or priest, I can submit so well you would think I was co-operative.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

back from the ether

I waited so long no one is reading at all anymore! Okay so it's not like I had thousands waiting with bated breath for my next witty comment on the ridiculousness of human nature but with this Obama thing I just couldn't stay away.
Why are Americans so crazy? Why have half of you anointed Obama your leader for life and the other half have declared him Satan?
It's like watching the recreation of the Roman Empire with all this indiscriminate spending, out of control debt and endless celebrations of the new God.
The truly great Depression has arrived and while the rest of the world spends what little money they have left on health care and education the US cheerfully cuts all it's education spending and then terrorizes one of the few guys willing to take on the disaster that is American health care because he has a lousy accountant. Way to keep your eye on the ball guys!
A stimulus bill that offers nothing at all to anyone who just missed there mortgage payment and lost their job..oh wait..they get an extra hundred on the dole. Of course nobody mentions that Unemployment payments are less than poverty level and don't include health care.

You may get a tax break though! Just think, you might get an extra few hundred back! Maybe enough to pay that electric bill to keep the heat on.

How about handing every man, woman and child a hundred grand grant to pay all their bills, keep them in their house and buy stuff and maybe get together with a few friends and start a little business!
Look at that!
All the businesses get paid regularly, the bank gets it's mortgage money, people keep their jobs and their homes. Money keeps circulating and everybody stops freaking each other out telling the chicken little story over and over.

Give real people real money so they can maintain the economy just like we always have. Stop giving nameless, blameless global conglomerates more cash to hoard.

Obama has no answers, he has already fallen for the biggest lie lobbyists have always told politicians...give us the money...we can fix everything!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here is what I have heard so far about Palin:

She supports animal torture and rewards anyone who brings in the foreleg of a wolf with cash.
She enjoys killing endangered species and encourages it.

She made it law that any woman who makes a complaint of rape has to pay for the rape kit needed for trial. Ain't that sweet.

She believes that only her family has the right to fertility choice.

She left the city in which she was mayor 20 million dollars in debt...a neat trick for a place that wouldn't even be eligible for township in any other state because it's population was too small.

Despite saying in every speech that she rejected the bridge to nowhere she in fact heartily accepted it and when the shit hit the fan she panicked and instead of sticking to her obviously nonexistent "principles" she said no to the bridge but she said yes, yes, yes to the money for it. No one really knows where that money went either because it seems she had some problems with the guy whose responsibility was to control the budget...seems he may have been honest and worse he may have supported her ex brother in law in his custody dispute with her sister..so of course she fired his ass. Now she is refusing to co-operate with the investigation because two of the unanimously selected senators are Democrats who...gasp..support Obama!!!!!
Gotta love that truth and openness..that straight talk express...

She also believes homosexuality is a sin and a mental illness requiring psychiatric treatment. I guess we can assume she isn't into gay marriage either.
She believes in the apocalyptic church, meaning she believes in revelations and the end of times...comforting that a possible world leader is looking forward cheerfully to the end of the world.

So go out and vote for Palin, she thinks that electrocuting, shooting or trapping wild animals is great, she believes that rape and babies are a fine and happy mix, she has never left the country, she has never met a world leader, it took her six colleges to get a bullshit journalism degree and she thinks the secret to fixing the horrific banking crisis is to wait until the election and then maybe get the congress together and maybe get some regulations in place that will make sure that government gets out of the way of big business...yes, you did read that right...yes, she is a moron. I can't think of a better idea than to wait six months before intervening in the banking crisis by stripping away what useless regualtions are still left, hell by then there wont be anything left to intervene in.

I warned over and over again that if America wasn't careful China would own it.
Give it six months and who ever is elected will be answering to Saudi and China before they can make any decisions or worse they will ignore any help and inflation will be fifty percent.

How do you think Zimbabwe ended up as such a disaster? Because it was run by a dictator who refused to listen to anyone...is Bush, McCain, Palin any different?

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