Friday, September 12, 2008

American Idiots

Only in America would a man with two teenage sons tell the police the reason he stayed in an area where he was told explicitly "if you stay you will die" is..wait for it...."hey, the surf looked really good".
Or even better: "we didn't want someone stealing our stuff"....the area is presently under thirty feet of water so what mad cap thieves in boats are wandering around looking to steal some idiots ten year old television?

What is maddening is these people are the very same people who call 911 and demand a rescue , demanding that someone else risk their life because of their idiocy. Why should anyone who has been told over and over to get the hell out have the right to a rescue?
Rescue yourself asshole, emergency providers have families and lives too and obviously your level of stupidity means society wont miss your contribution.

And why does CNN have reporters stuck on Galveston Island repeatedly saying people here are facing "certain death" while standing 10 feet from the sea wall? Are they trying to kill these guys? Maybe they were in contract talks and they weren't going all that well and this is a convenient way to settle the issue?

Why does CNN revel in natural disasters? I have spun the dial and no one else is covering this storm. Hell, no one is covering the massive dust storm in Arizona either.

I just want one question answered by Sara Palin..still think global warming doesn't exist?

And a few more for come your kid gets to make a choice about having a kid but you have decided that no one else in the country should have that right? It's obvious that tragedy has never touched your family when you say any woman who has been raped by a stranger or a family member should be forced by law to have that child but it's fine to have an abortion "if the mothers life is in danger".
Obviously you are too stupid to live. Your argument is flawed moron. If it's okay to's okay to abort. By stating that a mother's life takes precedence over the life of a child and that the child can be aborted you are stating that the mother's life takes precedence. Her life holds more weight. Now square that thinking with your life begins at conception theory...aren't you advocating murdering a child to save it's mother?
You don't get to have it both ways idiot.
Either you believe that a woman has a right to choose or you believe that the child is a person with rights at conception. You cannot play semantics.
Either it's alive with rights or it isn't.
This is why no anti abortion right wing nutbar should get a single vote but hey it's America where half the country can't follow even a simple argument forget about a complicated one. Worse, they have the attention span of a four year old and the listening skills of a newborn. Ask half the population in a week what McCain actual believes in and you will get a hilarious response that has more to do with Obama.

I did have to laugh and cringe when Whoopi asked McCain if he was advocating the return to slavery when he said he would only be appointing judges that have a strict interpretation of the constitution.
It's really not funny when you think about it.Equal rights and the Abolishment of slavery are actually amendments to the original constitution and if one wanted to strictly interpret the "constitution" one could disregard all the amendments really.

I am incredibly pessimistic about the US election. I know that at least a quarter of Americans are morons that should have their right to vote stripped from them for their virulent racism, their ignorance of equal rights and their penchant for at least one of the following; drunk driving, wife beating, child abuse and petty thievery. I know this quarter will elect the next President and I bet they will vote for McCain, only because he's white.

And with McCain and Palin in charge we can all welcome the end of times.

If you happen to have one of these fools in your family tree do the world a favour and get them drunk on voting day and steal their car keys. Who knows if all Americans could come together to keep their idiot family members away from the voting booth but it could save the world.
Remember that Obama is not the second coming, he is just a regular politician with a talent for public speaking but he is not scary, he has no plans to begin a holy war and he actually believes you all have a right to health care...seems like a safe vote to me.


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