Thursday, May 29, 2008

human nature

In every movie I have every seen and in fact every book too when the shit hits everyone rushes to their cars. Why?
Where are all these people going? Do they all have secluded cabins in the woods far away from whatever disaster is playing out? The awful thing is I truly believe if someone yelled disaster loud enough we would all do what the Disney lemmings did and throw ourselves off of massive traffic jam cliffs, though Disney actually used a machine to propel the lemmings off the cliff...I guess we can call the media the machine.
Wouldn't it make much more sense to( if possible) wait for everyone else to leave? Like waiting for everyone to get off the airplane so you wont feel rushed and anxious. Of course this wont apply to large onrushing waves of water. Personally I will skip the traffic jams and run if I have too.
But if it was something else I don't think I would mind too much being left behind by the panic filled masses.
But I do wonder where the hell all these people are driving to.
I think on the whole you would be safer staying in your house for as long as possible because I just cannot believe that wandering all over the countryside is going to give you a survival edge.
Stick with what you know and the area you know it in.

My other question is why are the Democrats in the US voting for Obama? It's as if they have a failure only mindset.
They know that very few, if any middle/lower class white people are going to vote for Obama and they also know this is the group that actually goes out and votes but they are so enamored with the idea of having a black President and what that represents they are ignoring the man himself.
If Obama had more of a history of activism in the poor community, if he had a history of being involved with policy decisions anywhere at any time maybe he would have a shot against McCain but Obama is a blank slate. He has done the bare minimum despite the fact that he talks and talks and talks.
The Republicans have already started chewing away at Obama and he has nothing to defend himself with. I think McCain has become a nasty little man in this campaign and he will only get meaner as time goes on and this doesn't bode well for a guy like Obama.
Hilary on the other hand can take a beating and get back up. In fact no one really cares about the dirt on her, we have heard about it so many times we have become deaf to it. That would make it very difficult for the Republicans to beat her up.
So, the Democrats choose the guy the Republicans can beat and then they will moan, bitch and howl when they lose the election. Maybe they really don't want the presidency at all.
I can see why they wouldn't. It's a godawful fucking mess that no one is going to be able to fix for years and years.
Maybe it's better to lose and let the Republicans carry on destroying the country, better than being blamed for not being able to stem the tide .

So maybe the Democrats aren't being stupid after all. I mean how can they be blamed for anything that goes wrong if they nominate a candidate that speaks only of positive change and a world full of peace and prosperity and the voters fail to elect him?

If in fact McCain does win the election he will have his war in Iran and Iraq,Afghanistan, and North Korea. McCain is a man looking for a win somewhere and because he has no experience with economics or diplomacy he can only triumph in one arena...war. McCain has been running for President for sixteen years . I cannot see him losing to a senator with no experience and no support within the white underclasses. Hell, the Republican campaign to convince the poor and uneducated that Obama is Muslim has been incredibly successful and they don't even need to mention he is black. I heard the comments from some of the West Virginians, it would make any member of the KKK proud. It also scares the crap out of us Canadians that the US continues to breed these slow witted racist inbreds in large numbers.
It makes the Texas court of appeals decision to return the children of a cult back to their cult leaders seem completely sensible. I mean if it's ok for those inbreds in the Virgina's to breed and retain custody of course it's fine for polygamists to rape and then marry thirteen year olds.

I guess this is what scares me the most about a global disaster. That the racist inbreds will survive like cockroaches and they will come scuttling across my border dragging their disgusting habits alongside them.They may call themselves refugees but unless we interrogate them how will we know if they are carrying something even worse than plague? What if they are carrying the belief that some black guy with a strange middle name can't be trusted because he is black and has a strange middle name? Worse these people believe everything they read in the National Enquirer, they get all their news from the The Star, Glenn Beck and Fox News. They believe Rush Limbaugh is the voice of moderation.
What then?
Do we round them up and hold them in camps? Or do we send them back from where they came to face whatever disaster they ran from?
Fifty percent of the US citizenry believes in things I find abhorrent,evil , racist, misogynistic and downright terrifying.
How come I just know if the shit hits the fan that will be the fifty percent that survives even if they have to resort to cannibalism to do it?

Maybe Canada was a little too hasty agreeing to the land mine accord. It wouldn't hurt to have the longest undefended border in the world defended a little bit would it?
Just in case?


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