Wednesday, April 23, 2008

and so it begins

The food crisis has begun. We have started to ration rice, corn and wheat will be next. Food riots are spreading all over the world.
Can anyone tell me why?
Can anyone explain why the price of oil has gone insane? Why isn't it cost effective to transport food anymore?
Please explain the insanity of cheerfully transporting electronic goods you can't eat?

Can anyone explain to me why the stock market plummets on reports that a company didn't make the 100 billion expected, it only made 900 million...why is this a disaster?
Is this not profit pure and simple?

There isn't a company around that is actually losing money (other than the car companies). They just aren't meeting their targets. Their targets are insane growth and profit, targets that are impossible and yet the markets get sucked in over and over and then they all burst into tears and panic when the target gets missed by ten bucks.

These companies are still making billions but because everyone expected them to make trillions the world went into a panic and decided the only possible solution was to push oil prices through the roof in turn pushing the price of food through the roof and then in turn terrifying half the world into thinking a food shortage exists.

We have lots of food. We just don't want to sell it to you unless we make our target profit you understand. See we told this one guy we could make the price of rice climb and he believed us and so now we have to make the price climb because if we don't this guy might not make his million dollar profit on his gambling addiction. Which is all commodities futures is...nothing more than going to the race track and betting the ponies.

People are going to starve and die because some shithead wants to make money. Not profit, not making a living to support their family, no they want money. They want the kind of money you can never spend in your lifetime. It is more important to these people that they get to buy a $60,000 toilet than your right to a meal.

The World Food program cannot afford to pay the prices these people are demanding. They cannot afford the transportation costs to deliver the food.

People will die because Oil companies can never be satisfied with making a profit. They want power. They have so much power and money they now dictate who will live and who will die.

It's a wonderful world when oil companies and food producers have the power to demand a ransom on food.

So it's begun.
The fight has started. And it was as I predicted all about a small thing and how the world reacted to it.

We didn't have to panic, we didn't need to raise the oil prices to the prohibitive levels but we did. So a small thing has snowballed and now it is feeding itself.
The more we panic the worse the markets respond, the harder the companies reach for that elusive target profit.
There are companies right now making millions but firing staff left and right because it's not enough you see. Companies frantically moving their businesses to other countries with terrible labour standards and no environmental protections because they must, they need to make more money. Not one of them can explain why a solid profit is not enough. They mumble about stock owners and board demands but these are just thoughtless excuses. They don't know why they are burning their own companies alive to squeeze every last drop out. It's obsession,'s greed.

Their greed is now killing people and they don't care. Worse they haven't even noticed. They are glued to only one thing and that is how much is my stock worth today..that is all.

Starving people can get very,very angry. Ask the Americans about Somalia. Starving people do things that sometimes make very little sense, they may even seem counter productive.
But let's all remember why Hitler worked so well in Germany. They were a starving country with worthless money and no one cared about their plight. The people were desperate for anyone to lead them out of the darkness. Have a look around right now at who the people are picking to lead them out of the darkness and how successful they are .
Where is the tipping point for a country with no leadership to explode into civil war? How quickly can that war spread? What happens when a war breaks out and the rest of the world doesn't care? What happens when this war creates millions of starving refugees and the world still doesn't care? What happens when these starving refugees get their food rations cut in half and then into a quarter because the rest of the world is too busy making billions to care?
What kind of pandemic does war, starvation and refugee camps create? Are we ready for a new mutation of an old virus because these children have never been vaccinated?
What if the measles became a deadly disease that spreads wildly through the refugee camps?And we didn't care. What if a support worker went to town and spread it to a man on his way to the city and that man got on a plane to visit his brother in the West?
So another country's war, it's famine, it's refugees will reach out to us in ways we cannot even imagine just because we missed our chance to give a shit.
China will soon be unable to feed itself, India and Africa will soon follow. Haiti is already at the tipping point and what country shares a border with Haiti? The Dominican Republic, home to America's cane sugar. Do we truly expect the people of Haiti to quietly starve to death? Or does it make more sense that they will cross the border into the DR sparking a war? A war all about food resources.
I remember a meeting of the G8 and the promises they made to end poverty and world hunger. Instead it appears that through mismanagement and a gross lack of regulation they have managed to increase world hunger to crisis proportions.
The WTO and the IMF have incited disaster at the fervent behest of nations desperate for more and more money.

And so it is begins.
I hope you bought that piece of land and you are madly building your renewable energy sources along with your renewable food. And wash your hands a lot. You have no idea where anyone has been anymore.


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