Wednesday, April 16, 2008

and so it begins

So did anyone think I was maybe exaggerating a little about the problems that are creeping up on us? Maybe embellishing for dramatic effect?
How about this: Food riots!
Now let's have another look around the world. Oh! here's something interesting Drought.
On to that even more scary issue of crop failure and genetically modified seed.

Maybe I can find something about how one country is refusing to hand over samples of the avian flu to the US how about this?
Or this
This seems a little suspect and kinda paranoid?

So all that is left is a little history about what happens when the power goes out

You may have noticed that I haven't included climate control issues but it wouldn't hurt to have a look for those of you that believe in it. Those of you that still think the earth is flat and Intelligent design is an actual science can skip this part.

I neglected to mention war and water

Wow, I think I may have depressed myself pretty badly but you may have missed the news that taking anti-depressants increases your risks for diabetes.
Ain't that just great.......


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