Thursday, May 01, 2008

forgive me for this

I think on the whole Glenn Beck is a freak. I dislike him on about fifteen different levels, one of them being he freaked out over an outpatient day surgery for a hemorrhoid so badly he needed to go back to rehab for the amount of pain medication he abused while drama queening all over the goddamn place about how he wasn't given enough love from the medical staff but I digress.
He actually said something kind of interesting the other day and after some research it turns out he wasn't full of shit as he usually is. He mentioned that some of the largest grain suppliers in the world have just posted profits so astronomical it's almost a joke.
A joke because how could it be true that we are in a global food crisis and these companies are raking in billions of profit............hmmmm.
Could it be we have one more manufactured crisis on our hands?
Could it be that someone is once again making money starving people?
And to reiterate what Beck said even if it makes me gag why aren't politicians howling about this along with all that moaning about oil prices? Shouldn't these companies be forced to give up their subsidies? Shouldn't these profits be taxed at the "windfall" rate?
Or would that piss off the farmers? Of course it wouldn't, the farmers aren't seeing any of this profit so really who are the politicians afraid of pissing off? Campaign contributors right before a Presidential election maybe?

I just have to take this opportunity to congratulate John McCain on how thrilled he is to support global market forces. There is nothing so wonderful as watching a capitalist clap their hands with glee when big companies are making big money while cheerfully ignoring the impact of those profits. It's as if he is willfully blind. I can bet Americans can hardly wait to experience his new health care plan...which to me seems suspiciously familiar. Oh wait..McCain believes in market forces!!! He thinks the prices will come down because there will be competition......will be? Isn't there already competition? And haven't the prices done nothing but gone up?
Oh what do I know, I have no economic experience just like McCain..whoops.


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