Saturday, May 10, 2008

why all the bullying?

I understand that Burma is in crisis and I understand that peoples lives are hanging in the balance but that is still no reason to bully another country.
Any idiot knows that Burma is controlled by a bunch of paranoid, power hungry nut jobs so it should be equally obvious that they are going to respond very badly to being called names followed up with irate demands.
The way to Burma's crazy heart is to tell them you love them and you support them and will do anything to make them love you back. Listen, these people are too stupid to know you are lying through your teeth so why not go for it?
Oh, you can't right? Because politically it might make you look like a sympathizer and let's be serious here. It's still all about the politics,
America wants to get into Burma for it's own reasons and delivering humanitarian aid is only one of them.
You may notice that Burma is allowing many other countries in to help but if you watch CNN you would be forced to believe no one is there. The BBC is no better, they are also a country banned from Burma for a host of issues going back a long, long way.

No matter what crisis we do not have the right to violate another country's sovereignty .
Obviously because we have been happily upholding Sudan's rights and the Congo and any other country in Africa drowning in strife.
Burma doesn't want certain country's anywhere near their borders. They have their reasons.
The reasons may be based in paranoid fantasy but it's their right.

If these countries truly wanted to deliver aid they would cheerfully contact the Thai authorities and drop off all the food, clothing, medical supplies and tents to the Thai airport.
But America and the rest want, no they need the accolades or they begin to sulk and then take their food and water home.

If you want to help the people of Burma help Thailand to help them. Drop the ego and the demands and just help ok?


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