Sunday, May 11, 2008

olympic fever

I want to begin with saying up front that I have never had any interest in the Olympics,ever,not even as a little kid. My sister on the other hand loved the gymnastics competition part.
I didn't hate the Olympics. In fact I was pretty ambivalent about the whole thing.
Things change though and now any mention of the Olympics makes me grind my teeth audibly.
This is how I see the Olympics as an adult who by the age of twenty three had a college diploma, had a professional job, a husband and a baby: a complete waste of time.
All I can think is what an incredibly ridiculous way to spend your time.
The majority of these athletes have been in training since they were in the womb. They have spent every available moment of their life lifting weights, running on treadmills, practicing the perfect kick,tumble,cartwheel whatever for no other reason than getting a pretty medal and their picture taken. They have sucked resources from their parents, grandparents, brothers,sisters, the province, the country all so they can travel to a foreign country to go swimming or do a cartwheel on a beam.
There is nothing socially redeeming about this. It's a bunch of people who spend every moment obsessed about how they look, how much they weigh, who they have to beat, where can they find some more money, how to become famous and get endorsements and be on the cover of a magazine.
It's narcissism and it's bizarre and we have elevated these people to the level of heroes.
Heroes, people. We have decided that some guy who can swim or jump better than some other guy is a fucking hero.
It's grotesque.
We have then made this event into a substitute for war. We cheer when our athlete beats an athlete from a country we dislike don't we?
We keep a constant record of our successes and their losses, a scoreboard for all to see.
Does anyone really watch because they love and appreciate the art of an event or are we watching because the announcer has spent an hour telling us in adoring detail the life story of our surrogate soldier as he or she prepares for battle? Does the announcer then spend another hour telling us the life story of any of the other competitors? Does he describe in loving detail the sacrifices the athlete from Iran has made to reach the top?

We have real wars going on right now. We have real soldiers who have made real sacrifices to cheer on. What is the purpose of a self aggrandizing sports competition when children are starving, the Burmese are counting their dead, the genocides of the Congo and the Sudan rage on?

Then we come to China. China, a country that thrives on abusing it's own people and when they get bored of that they poison the worlds pets,add poison to children's toothpaste and slap a little lead into the global toy market.
These are the people that still have firing squads for killing anyone who dissents and then removing their organs and selling them for transplant.
A country that is so obsessed with becoming a superpower it is spewing chemicals into the air so fast and so far the population has to say indoors some days to avoid dropping dead.
They refuse to obey any of the environmental laws any civilized country has already adopted.
These are people that happily murder Tigers so they can grind up their penises into a powder that supposedly might give them a bigger, harder dick. This country is filled with men so obsessed with getting a hard on they will happily decimate any species they think might help.
These are the people responsible for SARS because they cannot adhere to basic hygiene practices. They stack live animals on top of each other five or ten deep and allow them to defecate, urinate,sneeze and cough on each other. They have no understanding of basic animal husbandry because they are cruel and thoughtless about the suffering of animals. Because of their thoughtlessness at this very moment children are dying of foot and mouth disease. They regularly lie about the spread of disease putting the entire globe at risk from the diseases they promote.
These are the people who believe that it's just fine to invade another country and enslave them and when they try to fight back to murder them. Tibet was once a free country and we allowed China to attack, kill and conquer without so much as a peep from the rest of the world. Too bad Tibet wasn't full of oil, the whole world would have jumped right in to help right?
So China, this China is the country that was given the Olympics. These idiots thought that by giving them the Olympics China would finally see the light and become civilized, thoughtful maybe even less obsessive about their dicks.
China thinks we gave them the Olympics because we deeply admire them and think they are so wonderful only they should have the honour of this event.
I mean what else could China think? It's a country that has never had a moment of self reflection, it's leaders have never stopped and had a little think about the incredible amount of wanton damage it has done to the environment or it's people. The movers and shakers of China are to a person living only for the moment. They don't spare a seconds thought on what the future will hold . They want what they want and they want it right now and they will do everything and anything to get what they want.They are not unlike three year olds with too much money and power. Three year olds have great difficulty with empathy. It's something they begin to learn as they are exposed more and more to new people. China has no interest in meeting new people except for those who come bearing presents. This is a country that supplies machine guns to the Janjaweed to maintain it's oil supplies. These are people that have brigades dedicated to shooting clouds to make rain for fucks sake.

So the worlds athletes are going to China. A group so narcissistic they can think only about what they have sacrificed to learn how to jump, kick or paddle. They think about their heroic sacrifice when they missed that high school dance that one time, or that terrible pain they had when they sprained their elbow or how their parents had to re mortgage their home and their brother had to get a full time job because all the money was going to training little Cindy to be the very best cartwheeler ever. Wow, what heroes they are!!!
I mean they couldn't have made another choice, they had to be a competitive bike rider, it was in their blood.
They could never sacrifice their dreams just because the host is a murderous bastard.It wouldn't be fair. I mean what can be more important in this moment when the world is in turmoil, food prices are are skyrocketing, oil prices are out of control than having a competition over who can play basketball better?

People who still have a conscience will boycott this abomination. People of conscience will be happy to tell gymnasts and swimmers and all the rest that there are more important things in the world than their right to play a game with their friends on the television.
It's time to correct China's belief that they are a civilized country. It's time to take the three year olds toy away and tell them they need to spend some time in the naughty chair.
It will hurt China's feelings no doubt but sometimes learning to do the right thing is painful and hopefully this pain will reinforce the lesson that you can't treat the whole world like shit and expect to be rewarded for it.
And it's also time to get over your dick's why Viagra exists you idiots, leave the Tiger dicks where they belong, on the goddamn Tigers.


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