Friday, June 13, 2008

how I hate you

Let me count the ways.
I hate Oprah. I hate oprah on a bizarrely visceral,personal level. I have never met the woman but her very existence makes my teeth itch. I hate the fact that blogger demands that I capitalizes her very name. Fuck you, this is a woman who believes in the fucking Secret, who reads some bullshit airy fairy "spiritual" dictionary and orgasms all over it.
Any thinking human being with an ounce of intellectual curiosity knows all of this is shit but not fucking oprah and her followers.
This is an idiot that is an inch away from joining a goddamn cult and people revere her. People follow her.
This women is a smarmy fuckwit who is scary stupid. But we are all so enthralled and worse terrified of being called racist to say out loud that the fucking emperor is completely naked and worse she is ugly naked.

Oprah announces to the world that she does good things and like sheep we believe her. What good thing has oprah ever done with her own money?
Sure she gives lots of shit away but look a little isn't coming from her. Her advertisers are offering up free shit to get their name in the same room as Oprah. Oprah doesn't spend a dime of her own money for anything.
She gets YOU to pay for shit and somehow you are almost giddy doing it. Oprah tells you to send money and you scramble around your living room for a pen and a credit card. Oprah on the other hand calls her eyebrow specialist who lives in LA for an appointment. She then takes a private jet across the country to get her eyebrows done and she bills this as a business expense...yes, oprah's eyebrows are so important to the success of her business empire they have their own spot on the expense list.
How terribly green of her to waste gallons of jet fuel to get that one little hair tweezed away.

What I hate about Oprah is what I hate about people in general. The fact that we will always act as a mob in what ever we do. The fact that every time we fall for some charismatic leader and refuse to question their qualifications for doing anything.

e are sad little chickens stuffed into pens pecking at each others throats waiting for an messiah to lead us into the garden.
Well oprah ain't no messiah and why can't you build your own damn garden?
Why are you sitting in front of your computer breathlessly waiting for your Oprah class to start so you can learn to finally live like some kind of giant asshole.
The secret of the secret is it's bullshit hippie sixties crap recycled for morons. It's just a yuppified version of EST made palatable for dumber people with computer access.
Eckhart fuckwit? No more , no less than any other idiot self help guru spewing the dame tired drivel in a new, pretty package tailor made for people with the curse of Oprah. That curse is her absence of humanity. Most of us were born with the ability to empathize, sympathize, rationalize, we were born with the knowledge that something drives us but people like Oprah weren't. So they have to read books about it, they sit at the feet of charlatans and idiots desperate to feel something, anything.
Morally bankrupt and aware of it.
I know some of you want to congratulate her on on at least trying to find some kind of center but you are missing the point. She doesn't have one, she never will hence the never ending spiritual advisor's, the financial gurus, the Dr Phil's, the spiritualists, the medical doctors, the trainers, the cooks .
Week after week oprah trots out her next, new, most very important, meaningful person, thing, book, event...whatever the fuck and the people dive right in and gobble it up.

What is wrong with you when you think oprah is the most powerful person in the world? She is a god damned talk show host. Nothing more. In fact she doesn't even do that anymore, she has guests that do all the heavy lifting.

Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For Gods sake would the rest of the damn world wake up and start looking at the real world. Drag yourself out of oprah fairyland where if you just wish hard enough everything will come true and come do the hard work.

Fixing the problems of our world cannot be done by reading happy thoughts from idiots.

we have mass you think if we mail them all a copy of The Secret food will suddenly fucking appear?
Genocide rages on but of course if only they all just took oprah's online course it would all end.

Does anyone else notice that Oprah has real heroes on her show but she never offers them any help personally? How many wells has Oprah built? None.
She built two for profit exclusive boarding schools...just like the residential Indian schools Canada just apologized for. That is her true contribution and it's an abomination.

Thus ends my rant on stupid people watching other stupid people taking credit for what real people are actually doing.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Some Random Girl said...

I, for one, really like Oprah but totally don't get the "secret" and I get your venting completely. Good vent. We all need those!


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