Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here is what I have heard so far about Palin:

She supports animal torture and rewards anyone who brings in the foreleg of a wolf with cash.
She enjoys killing endangered species and encourages it.

She made it law that any woman who makes a complaint of rape has to pay for the rape kit needed for trial. Ain't that sweet.

She believes that only her family has the right to fertility choice.

She left the city in which she was mayor 20 million dollars in debt...a neat trick for a place that wouldn't even be eligible for township in any other state because it's population was too small.

Despite saying in every speech that she rejected the bridge to nowhere she in fact heartily accepted it and when the shit hit the fan she panicked and instead of sticking to her obviously nonexistent "principles" she said no to the bridge but she said yes, yes, yes to the money for it. No one really knows where that money went either because it seems she had some problems with the guy whose responsibility was to control the budget...seems he may have been honest and worse he may have supported her ex brother in law in his custody dispute with her sister..so of course she fired his ass. Now she is refusing to co-operate with the investigation because two of the unanimously selected senators are Democrats who...gasp..support Obama!!!!!
Gotta love that truth and openness..that straight talk express...

She also believes homosexuality is a sin and a mental illness requiring psychiatric treatment. I guess we can assume she isn't into gay marriage either.
She believes in the apocalyptic church, meaning she believes in revelations and the end of times...comforting that a possible world leader is looking forward cheerfully to the end of the world.

So go out and vote for Palin, she thinks that electrocuting, shooting or trapping wild animals is great, she believes that rape and babies are a fine and happy mix, she has never left the country, she has never met a world leader, it took her six colleges to get a bullshit journalism degree and she thinks the secret to fixing the horrific banking crisis is to wait until the election and then maybe get the congress together and maybe get some regulations in place that will make sure that government gets out of the way of big business...yes, you did read that right...yes, she is a moron. I can't think of a better idea than to wait six months before intervening in the banking crisis by stripping away what useless regualtions are still left, hell by then there wont be anything left to intervene in.

I warned over and over again that if America wasn't careful China would own it.
Give it six months and who ever is elected will be answering to Saudi and China before they can make any decisions or worse they will ignore any help and inflation will be fifty percent.

How do you think Zimbabwe ended up as such a disaster? Because it was run by a dictator who refused to listen to anyone...is Bush, McCain, Palin any different?


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