Thursday, October 25, 2007

free all the time

Did you know you can redo your entire bathroom for free? Why yes you can..that is the power and magic of Craigslist.
Now if I could just find someone to tile for free. If I wanted to strip naked a guy will install laminate flooring for me in barter. Well, in theory. He hasn't seen me naked so I may not get a finished floor.
My dirty little dream is actually to have Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes fame redo my bathroom. That man makes remodeling strangely satisfying , full of justice and all bad guys will be punished. Though in this case I would be the bad guy..I may have to rethink this.

Ever have someone email you and their email is so strange you can't figure out how to reply without sounding really pissed off? I hate emails. You can figure out exactly what people mean face to face but poorly written emails are always fraught with miscommunication.
But do you just ignore it?
Passive aggressive is probably the best route don't you think?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Excuse for the week. I have no time to post long boring essays on the state of the world when Craigslist exists.
I am on a mission to furnish my home for free and maybe get new kitchen cupboards and, and and...oh hell
I think I may need a sponsor and a meeting.
I love my brand new to me couch though.
The idea that other people have cool stuff they don't want and will give away for free gives me hope for the future.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I am lazy ass

Honestly, I forgot..the dog ate my posts..
I just don't have anything left to say. It all feels a bit hopeless. Al Gore wins a Nobel Prize and CNN talks over his speech about how An Inconvenient Truth was just full of errors. Missing the point entirely. The world is on fire and everybody is bitching about who set the fire, no one is talking about putting the damn fire out. So, really..what is there to write about?
That the media is full of shit? Politicians are full of shit?
Hell right here at home we elected a government on the basis of that other party wants Muslims to have tax payer funded schools. And we can't have that right? Oh, except if you're a Catholic. Best to support pedophiles is it?
Not a peep about poverty or the environment..who cares.

What has really stopped me is my health and my lack of a plan, well I get a ton of prescriptions filled but that ain't a plan that's just sedation so the wont be awake enough to notice no one has a plan.
I am planless therefore I am irritable and prone to yelling at the Bell ExpressVu people who are abject morons.
To the Rogers girl who insisted I already had cable when anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows we can't please find a job where you never have to speak to another human being ever again.
Oh yes I am pissed.
And to Telus : the answer is fuck you. When the contract phone dies don't offer a brand new contract as if that is somehow a huuggge favour and then say we have to pay full price for a new phone. That is not "a really great deal" you assholes.

I have to stop before I start uttering threats and get dragged off by the RCMP.
And to spell check, give me a break and get some cultural knowledge. Other countries spell differently, get over yourself.

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