Thursday, October 25, 2007

free all the time

Did you know you can redo your entire bathroom for free? Why yes you can..that is the power and magic of Craigslist.
Now if I could just find someone to tile for free. If I wanted to strip naked a guy will install laminate flooring for me in barter. Well, in theory. He hasn't seen me naked so I may not get a finished floor.
My dirty little dream is actually to have Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes fame redo my bathroom. That man makes remodeling strangely satisfying , full of justice and all bad guys will be punished. Though in this case I would be the bad guy..I may have to rethink this.

Ever have someone email you and their email is so strange you can't figure out how to reply without sounding really pissed off? I hate emails. You can figure out exactly what people mean face to face but poorly written emails are always fraught with miscommunication.
But do you just ignore it?
Passive aggressive is probably the best route don't you think?


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