Saturday, July 14, 2007

what would you do?

I have this weird re-occurring almost obsessive thought running through my head lately. It started after SARS.
For any nurse that was forced to work during the SARS incident thinking about the end of the world comes naturally.
The idea that the world could be suddenly and violently depopulated seemed very real and painfully close.
The idea of a sudden depopulation actually made me cheerful.
Of course I have a thousand caveats. All my family and friends would be immune.
All doctors, nurses , tech guys and engineers would also be immune.
Farmers would be immune.
I want good health care, great food, running water, sanitation and electricity. I don't want to have to go camping after the apocalypse.
It would be nice to have a clean start. I would like to see all the animals of the world get a second chance, to creep away from the edge of extinction.
I would like to see the concrete world eaten away by vegetation and thick, lush forests.

It would also be nice to never have to pay for another damn thing with cash. I would rather pay with sweat.

Maybe with the collapse of civilization television would disappear and with it any knowledge of what other countries are doing. Then we could all stop obsessing and stop dropping bombs on our suspected enemies.

Of course with my luck the only other survivors would be born again Christians and fundamentalist Muslims and they would end up lobbing nuclear weapons over their fences finishing off the rest of us.

Could you even imagine how pissed off a radical Christian would get if they survived the end of the world and no God showed up with four horsemen?

So much for a new eden...........


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