Wednesday, May 23, 2007

America the boring

Jordin? really?
Middle America just cannot resist the bland, boring amateur torch singer. Or the karaoke king.
Hell, America went for that soul patrol guy..yes..I cannot for the life of me remember the name of someone crowned American Idol.
In fact I can only name two winners ,Fantasia and Kelly . I remember Fantasia because she could sing but was consumed by a crocodile sometimes known as Clive Davis. I saw them holding hands on a red carpet somewhere...obviously a deal with Satan.
Kelly I know because someone I worked with just loved her.

I can honestly say I liked Blake. I do have to reveal I only watched a few shows waiting for House to come on so I am not an expert or anything. I liked him because he obviously did not give a shit at all about winning. He seemed only to want a chance to further a career that was already building.
I like people that aren't interested in the opinions of other people.

I still can't understand a word Paula Abdul says.


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