Thursday, May 17, 2007

television for masochists

It's season finale night!!!!!
Holy crap they all sucked horribly.

Let us start with the Mcassholes of Greys Anatomy. What kind of ultimate dick tells his bride to be moments away from walking down the aisle that she really doesn't want to get married. Really ass? Are you psychic or are you such an arrogant dick you think you have all the answers? How can a mature intelligent woman put up with this crap? The condescension is so thick in this episode it made me turn the channel.
And worse this jerk abandons his bride to be , leaving her to pay the bills on an apartment she will have no interest in living in. Nice.
Did it occur to any of the writers that this character would not have put on a wedding dress if she really didn't want to get married? Oh, right, the women of Greys Anatomy are all simpering idiots with no self esteem desperate for a man, any man.

I am so happy Meredith punted that jerk McWhiny passive aggressive. Mr "if you don't behave like I want you to I will find another bitch to torment and manipulate" and hey! It looks like it's going to be your sister. Oh, fuck me that's so original.
Please cancel this show.

On to CSI. Groan. I really can't.
Why does every season finale need a co-star in peril story line? I understand I am supposed to be upset that Sara is under a car and Grissom is full of angst but last week Grissom was having a wee sleepover with another woman. Am I suppose to believe Grissom wuvs Sara enough that he would tell his co-workers? No I don't believe it.
I don't like the mini killer story line, all my daddy molested me then stopped to molest my baby sister and I got so jealous I pushed her out of a tree so my foster father killed himself to save me cause he was so dumb it seems like a perfect plan to him and I wuv Grissom, he is mine but I hate him too so oh shut up. A cleaning lady driven mad by bleach seemed much more plausible.
And a cliffhanger?
Maybe if we thought that the actress had been fired or quit I could buy into the peril but she has a contract and right now Grissom and Sara are the only characters that actually have a storyline. For all we know the rest of them are vampires that return to their crypt when their shift ends. Except for the Catherine, she goes out gets drunk and gets raped, beat up, or finds ways to exonerate murderers for cash.
I enjoy the fact that someone who works the night shift somehow always arrives at the bar by closing time. Where I work night shift ends at 7 bars are open at 7am. Maybe Vegas bars are twenty four hour affairs but that doesn't solve the daylight issue. It's always night time when Catherine arrives at her bar.
Brass is the only character left to like.

Because I am an extreme masochist I watched the ER finale. Understand that I gave up watching Er a very long time ago so I am way behind on the story lines...oh wait no I am not. Nothing has changed since the first week of this season! Except the addition of some new prick that has all the answers and wants to save the world. Yes, he actually said "I want to save the world". The best surprise was the guy with no legs and his friend bitching out Neela. Blaming someone who wasn't even there because you were so drunk you were on your cellphone when you were crossing a busy street and got hit by a truck is completely rational. Everything else about this finale was banal and boring. Well I am assuming because honestly? I only watched a few minutes here and there. ER is just so damn bad.

So that was finale night and it was everything finales are not supposed to be.


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