Monday, April 23, 2007


I have no idea how to define it.
I do know that it has eaten my life. Munch, munch.
Sometimes I pace, sometimes I pinch or pull. Any other sensation is better than the pain one.

I think I have had enough.
I would like to write a little poem about pain

Fuck off
no, really. fuck off

Maybe that's a haiku.

It has been suggested to me that I should give some strangers a couple hundred bucks for the pleasure of reading their books and listening to their tapes so I can learn "medicalized" yoga.
Yes, yoga for us skeptical medical folk.
Once I perfect sitting on a yoga mat and learning to chant "the author of this book, some lady with three names, is a goddess of wisdom" I will be cured dammit.
I have pain dammit, I don't think joining a fucking cult is gonna cure it unless they are serving that damn kool aid again.And, my condition rules out being able to sit on a mat.

It would also help that fellow patients didn't call themselves "volunteers'. How dumb do you have to be to willingly hand over all your cash to some stranger who, by the way YOU NEVER GET TO MEET and then you give up all your free time for the incredible honour of answering the phone and booking more appointments for "the doctor you never get to see".
Maybe they get a cut from the CD sales?

That is the new answer for pain: Acupuncture, Raiki and Yoga. Or five different prescriptions that make you incompetent and drooling, hell you can do both!!
You can do some drooling Yoga after acupuncture the day after Raiki, then swallow fifteen pills and do it again.
Fixing the problem?

Hell, if we did that Big Pharma would fucking collapse.

I want to be fixed. My problem isn't exactly brain surgery here.
All I need is some tweaking here and there.
Maybe I will try a chiropractor next. What's the worst that could happen? Ending up paralyzed for life .
Let's skip the chiro then.
Maybe a psychic?


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