Wednesday, February 14, 2007

so is this it?

AHH the smell of a new Blogger..smells just like wet dog.
I have had nothing to say lately. I can't even watch the Daily show anymore. This shit ain't funny at all.
I couldn't seem to grasp how awful the situation had become until today when it became clear that George the raving moron Bush has decided to start grinding the war machine right into Iran.
This guy has lost his mind. He is a megalomaniac but nobody seems to care.
He is in the pre-dictatorship phase.
In a few weeks he will declare war on Iran and then he will re-institute the draft.
I want to believe all hell will break loose but I get the feeling no one will really give a shit. Sure there will be some howls but all it will take is the cry of traitor to shut them up. I mean if you resist you aren't supporting the troops are you? And no one wants to be labelled a troop non supporter.
All these politicians are just parrots for the media. The media announces what is cool and the politicians announce they are all for it a week later.
If the media decided a war in Iran is a good thing the US will go to war. So all Bush has to do is get Fox News to push the war.
Fox News is filled with morons so they will happily tell Americans they are all going to die horribly if they don't support the war.
Then all the politicians will drink the kool aid and announce that the war is a brilliant idea.
Media and power, power and media..they can't live without each other.
What makes me sick is if I know this why don't the politicians? Why can't they resist the bullshit call of the media and think for themselves?
Money and the chance for more power I guess.
Can't ever have too much of either right?
It all makes me ill.


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