Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I am challenged....

Lord help me I am so challenged. I hate technology. Well. That's not true. Technology hates my guts. I don't know when this happened. I used to be able to touch computers without them sighing quietly and then going dark.
This week I have killed off beds, monitors and other pretty critical machines effortlessly.
Honestly I didn't mean to but maybe I have some superpower. I have the power to send society back into the stone age! Go me!
I am hoping this computer doesn't die, it's my kids and pissed off won't even describe that reaction.

Just a random thought..Dear Dini Petty
No your skin doesn't look great. I don't know who fed you that line of bull but they lied. Put the glasses back on and try some cover up. And get off my TV.
And while I am at it : Sally I don't want to know about your osteo whatever or what your drug company is exploiting your situation. I think you have enough money already, stop the awkward commercials .
Isn't Wilfred Brimley just about the worst spokesman for diabetes you could find? How about hiring someone who doesn't represent all the worst reasons for getting type II diabetes?

Why are commercials so awful?
I see the Geico ones and they are cute and funny. They aren't complicated or arty, they just have a little bit of wit.
Are the people who create commercials shut ins locked into fifties television programming?
If I am forced to watch entertain me dammit or I wont buy your product. I mean it.
I will literally make an effort to NOT buy.....wow I am just full of empty threats..

So as I sit here waiting, waiting, waiting for the arbitrator to decide if we get a new contract the politicians are happily voting themselves a new raise.
Screw you Smitherman you don't deserve a dime. In fact I think all nurses should be given your pay, consider it a Brinks truck just for us.
I cannot wait to vote these assholes out.

I am having real trouble with Christmas. I can't get into it. I have no idea what to get anyone. I am tired of buying shit no one wants. My hard earned cash going to stupid coffee table books and skin care products.
I really want to just give everyone cash. Then you can buy what you want. Put it towards a vacation or a new sweater..See I have no idea what you want...
Gift cards for everyone!!!!!
Some think it's lazy and thoughtless but hey I love them. Give me a gift card for a good bookstore and I will be happy. Instead I get weird sweaters made of some shiny thread with reindeers that goes straight to good will. Then I wonder about what poor homeless person has to wear that sweater and I feel guilty.
Why can't Christmas be about good food and good company? Why do we have to buy crap?

ALL I want for Christmas is a good book and a nice pair of socks, instead I get pj's with cartoon characters two sizes too small...Sigh.

Don't ignore the Tanzania fundraising......


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