Wednesday, October 25, 2006

tis the season

For spreading pestilence or the flu. Hack, cough, spit, sneeze. Thanks to all you kind people who refuse to stay home when you are sick, never wash your hands and spread germs far and wide.

So, what is this I hear about Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington having a little choke fest?
Did Isaiah really call TR a faggot bitch for being late to the set? Did Isaiah really put Dempsey in a choke hold when Dempsey got pissed off?
Hee.....I thought I worked in a dysfunctional workplace. No one at my work has yet to beat anyone else up. They have threatened it plenty of times but to do it? We haven't quite got there yet.

It must be so much fun to go to work on Greys Anatomy now and TR must be just thrilled to be publicly outed like this.
Hope his family knew he was gay or this might be quite a shock.
Honestly if this is true I would fire Isaiah. I mean C'mon you have to have some standards even if it is Hollywood.
If he gets that crazy about someone being late he's liable to start shooting people for calling him a talentless homophobe.
Sometimes being a really intense guy can be cool, other times it is just creepy..this guy hit creepy in a big way.
I was kind of tired of the show anyway..bye bye Greys Anatomy, congratulations on your self destruction.


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