Thursday, October 19, 2006

taking a break

I have decided to stop thinking about the state of the world for a little while. It's cowardice and yes, I have found my patch of sand and my head is stuck right in it. I don't want to know about North Korea and nuclear weapons. I cannot hear about one more car bombing. I get that most people have become numb to it all but it's the opposite for me. I get more sensitive every time.
So, for right now I am taking a break. The world is in flames and honestly there is nothing I can do or say or write that will change the functionally retarded masses that live in middle America. You know who you are..the "I love Bush, he is great" crowd. The woman who told the reporter she loves Dick Cheney and she just can't help herself should be placed in an institution so she doesn't kill herself while trying to tie her shoes.
Functionally retarded means you were not blessed with a functioning brain, you are stuck in that hellish place where you believe what fat, white men tell you. You watch Fox news because you aren't bright enough to work the remote and that is the default station on your tv.
I have to believe in this retardation because the thought that these people don't have a medical condition that impairs their intelligence is too frightening to contemplate.

So, to more cheerful things. Greys Anatomy, damn! shit or get off the pot already. The continuity fairy obviously got so drunk she passed out because a while back McDreamy made a huge, romantic speech all about love and blah, blah and that appears to have been bullshit. I have had enough of Derek. I want Addison to tell him to fuck off and give McSteamy a nice big kiss right in front of him. Then I want Meredith to call McVet and shove that in McDreamys face too.
What a giant congratulations writers! You went for soap opera angst and fell right into the shit.

CSI- oh dear god..where to even start? Listen, if your big reveal at the end of the season is two characters in love? How about showing some of that? And cut out the "my dear" shit.
It makes Grissom sound down right elderly and makes the relationship creepy.
I like the two of them together and I want to see them together okay?
How about a minute at the start or at the end, them doing normal couple making a meal together..It's not all that hard.
More importantly, stay away from the Dr Lecter presentations of the dead. You can't live up to the creepy story so just leave it. The killer was so obvious tonight my cat picked him out and then had a nap.

Every once in awhile I watch ER. Holy crap it's bad. Not bad like tenth season bad, really, really fucking bad. I couldn't watch. I have a crush on Goran that I used to think knew no bounds..well greasy side part Goran? He killed it dead. And with that gone I have no reason to ever watch again. Bye Er! you suck..sorry Goran..wash your hair and I may reconsider...

I have to confess my love for Mandy Patinkin. There I said it..stop laughing. He is not that awful singing doctor from the past I promise. I saw him again in Dead Like Me. A show I loved so much I considered a jihad when Showtime cancelled it. Hi! homeland security! So when Mandy showed up in Criminal Minds I had to see. I can't get over Greg (Dharma and Greg Greg) but I like Mandy. I even enjoyed watching the FBI agent gone vigilante storyline. It was done craftily. The fact that everyone knew she had gone to the dark side but she covered her tracks so well no one could do anything about it was clever.

I admit I haven't been watching baseball. I have no excuse other than watching soccer has ruined it for me. I just cannot see these guys as atheletes anymore. Soccer players on average run 12 miles a game, they have one fifteen minute break. They play in pouring rain, snow, hail and temps over a 100 degrees. The game doesn't stop, it takes a head injury to stop play. So baseball is just too slow, too's all so lazy. I know there are a million people who will disagree but I suggest you watch one soccer game and then see if your argument holds up.


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