Friday, September 15, 2006

Deal breakers

I loved this idea from Dooce but then stumped myself.
What were my deal breakers back in the dark ages when I was dating?
I didn't like short guys.
Since I am tall compared to the average I never wanted to dance with short guys. Having some one whose line of sight would always be my boobs just turned me off. I mean it really wasn't his fault was it? He was just looking straight ahead and there was my chest.
I also hated the sloppy kisser.
That gross guy who slobbered, who thought copious amounts of saliva was attractive.
I remember my first sloppy dribbler..I felt physically ill. I felt like I needed a bath towel to feel dry. He was clueless. I truly believe he thought it was excellent technique. He called a few times and I lied my ass off. I was torn though, he was cute and funny but gah! The drool was too much.

Yappy guys too. I like my men quiet, thoughtful. I like talking when there is something interesting to say. Yappy guys are irritating. I know they are probably nervous but I can't help being turned off.

So, my worst nightmare would be a short, yappy guy who drools when he kisses.

Good thing I escaped all that.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger BBC said...

This was cute.


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