Thursday, August 10, 2006

why oh why?

So back to Mel
Why did Mel admit publicly to the hate he spewed that night? He had the option of keeping his mouth shut. The cop and his superiors went crazy cleaning up that report so that not a hint of crazy showed. Mel has always made a point of supporting the cops , he has given money and his time for their causes so he had to know they would give him some cover. But he blurted out the whole mess in a fit of hungover remorse. Still his first apology was pretty damn generic and covered all the bases. He could have shut up right there. The police had already started the cover up, the buff and shine, so why continue with the apologies?
Was it because he knew he acted like a giant asshole or was it because his publicist knew there was a video of the whole damn thing and every publicist learned from Bill Clinton that it's always best to blurt out your guilt and get straight to the forgiveness part?
Withholding and denying nearly got Clinton to just dump it all out there and hope it goes away?
I think the publicist got it right. The news now talks about rehab and which rabbi will get the honour of straightening out the anti-semitic and everyone seems to have stopped talking about how awful the little bastard is..and by the way he is no taller than Tom Cruise so he suffers from short guy syndrome which may explain everything...
I cannot get to the forgiveness because I think the whole damn "apology" is a staged pr move to save his ass and it is so damn cynical it makes me hate the jerk even more. What is worse is the press has completely bought into it.
Everybody so loves the "redemption" story line they don't get it's all bullshit.

I m thoroughly exhausted by the new world order. Everything is so anti this and anti that.
Environmentalism is trendy..only the rich can afford it though. I went to look at fair trade, environmentally friendly, sustainable , made locally clothes...holy shit..twenty five bucks for a hemp face cloth...sixty nine bucks for a towel...this is why WalMart will win every damn time.
Only the rich can afford to eat locally grown, fair trade, organic food....and by the way this is Canada...the growing season is about five how to I get locally grown, organic vegetables in March? Hmmm?

What is fair trade? Who gets to define it? The buyer or the grower?

everybody thinks it's all so damn simple....the antiglobalization idiots that don't even realize that the very third world countries they are trying to "protect" are actually the ones trying to find their way into the global market, the environmentalists so intent on saving the planet not realizing they are in fact creating a whole new level of consumerism..only for the wealthy ofcourse...the poor cannot afford to buy all the environmentally friendly stuff, they have to shop at grocery stores that import their food and sell it for half the price, they have to shop at WalMart where they can buy towels for six bucks..
The poor are too busy going to work every day they don't have any extra time to save the planet. That is the specialty of priveledged college kids spending their parents money.
The whole thing makes me so cynical.

Worse, thanks BP! Why bother inspecting your own system? Hell it's cold up there and no one really wants to go outside and who cares about some oil spilling? It's not like anyone lives there except you know the natives and hell nobody cares about them anyway right?
Assholes all of you. Your laziness is costing you millions of dollars a day but you don't are swimming in cash.

Going to hell in a hand basket.......why in a hand basket I don't know and what the hell is a hand basket? Is it a large purse of some kind or is it that basket you carry around in the grocery store that never has enough room and kills your arms?
Doesn't matter..we are all going into that handbasket anyway......


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