Monday, July 10, 2006

a fine display

So I have to admit I loved the head butt.
To be fair I love Zidane so I am biased.
But I know that Zidane is a pretty levelheaded guy that has played in really big games all his life. I know that it would take horrific slander to make Zidane react so violently. I also know Zidane is a nonpractising Muslim with Algerian parents and that makes him a huge target for racist, religious attacks that would make any sane person stop and beat the crap out of their tormenter.
The rumour is that Italian jackass called Zidane a "dirty fucking terrorist" among some other choice comments about his mothers sexual appetites. The word is this idiot spent the whole damn game accusing Zidane of murdering innocents, accusing one of the greatest players alive of being responsible for suicide bombings.
I think that ass got off remarkably well with a head butt to the sternum.
I know that the French and the Italians have some of the worst racists among them. I know both the fan bases enjoy imitating monkeys when the black players are introduced.
I know that some of these people are scum..I also know Zidane is an honourable man that got pushed too far. Farther than a grown man should ever be pushed.
I am not embarrassed by the head butt. It was long over due.
I think it should be an acceptable response to any asshole who thinks trash talk includes accusing an opposing player of murdering babies.

I think Zidane should hold a press conference and reveal exactly what that prick said, yes all the professional lip readers have already provided the rough translation but I want Zidane to say it out loud. Then I want to hear the defense....please defend calling someone a terrorist in the middle of a soccer game...explain how such a piece of scum like you had the right to even speak to Zidane let alone slander him and his family.

I admire Zidanes restraint..he could have beat the crap out of that scum, he didn't...he just reminded him that he could.

All the effort FIFA put into the antiracism campaign and all it took was one idiot Italian to ruin it all.

I don't believe Italy was the best team, I thought they were crap..better than Portugal certainly but not World Cup material. Their soccer is full of scandal and game fixing and pay offs, I would never have let them play at all. Hell if Greece gets the boot because of governmental interference why should corrupt Italians get to play?

Zidane is one of the very best players ever to have played and he is a grown man that shouldn't have to turn the other the cheek when he is slandered by some loser.
I hope the next time some ass thinks about vomiting up some slander they will think about that head butt and shut the hell up.

That head butt alone made him the World Cups most valuable player..words without action are can tell people to stop being racist assholes but a swift head butt to the sternum gives the message some real consequences.


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