Friday, June 23, 2006


Sometimes I wish people would take their health more seriously.
I understand that we all have busy lives .
If you feel sick it's not wrong to see your doctor.
Some very common infections can destroy your life and devastate your family. They can be cured with a visit to the doctor.
Strep throat is common. I can guess just about everyone of us has had a run in with strep. A very painful throat, painful swallowing and generally feeling like crap.
Sometimes with strep infection of the throat you will see little white dots at the back of your throat, sometimes your tonsils will drain some pus.
Go to the doctor and get a throat culture.
Strep infection left untreated can kill you. It can move to the blood and cause septic shock.
Small clumps of this bacteria will move to the valves in your heart and scar them, sending you into heart failure. The most terrifying thing is those clumps of bacteria can float anywhere.
They can move to your brain and can cause massive strokes.
They can move to your feet and fingers..then you will need to have them amputated.
One trip to the family doc for a throat culture and a course of antibiotics means you skip all that horror.

I see some tragic things in my practice and the most tragic is when one trip to the doc could have prevented the whole damn thing.

Congratulations to Australia for fighting to the end to get a spot in the final sixteen. I do love Viduca and it was nice that Harry finally woke up and realized he was at the World Cup.
Brazil was overwhelming and looks unbeatable..All that namecalling sure got Ronaldo in shape fast...It's not just women that get really pissed off when you call them fat you know. So thanks you asses...
I am still holding tightly on to my hope for England...Why do I feel like it's a doomed love affair?
I am still shocked at how poorly France has played and I do not believe Zidane is to blame, he is a workhorse. He is the only guy playing. Henri is lackluster as usual. I am irritated by him. He seems to want only the perfect service, he lacks creativity, determination, that flair and drive that he brings to Arsenal. Who knows why. He seems faintly bored by it all.France seems to lack any depth, any want to win. Maybe it's because they are French and appearing overly competitive wouldn't look sophisticated.

I am so tired of the Brangelina baby already. I don't want to feel hateful about it really. I like Angelina, I think she is a really cool lady with a good heart that wants to wake the world up to the disastrous policies of the international community. I don't like Brad much. I feel a little disappointed that such a bright, capable woman picked such a moron. I have read his interviews and listened to him speak and frankly he is a little simple. Yes, he is as cute as a bunny but cute gets damn old fast when you have to struggle through a conversation.
I cannot figure out why Jennifer didn't celebrate the day he wandered off.
I am sure he will make a wonderful babysitter, he can't be more than ten intellectually so all the kids must love him.
Maybe Angelina just needed a nanny with benefits.


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