Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gods Debris

Okay. I like Dilbert. I like Scott Adams but oh holy crap I didn't like this book.
See, I already read Dune and this "philosophy" is 50% Dune and 50% metaphysical crapola.
The book is free as a PDF download. It still cost too much.
It takes all the obvious omnipotence arguments and adds a slice of coin tossing as religion, YAwn.
I think all thinking people get the fact that an omnipotent God is bull. It is an unsupportable conundrum.
If you are omnipotent you would have no large feelings would you? They would have no purpose. You would never get all that happy, all that angry..I mean why? You have all the answers, you KNOW everything, you CONTROL everything. You wouldn't care more about people than you would a plant, hell it's all yours, you know their futures..Nothing is left to surprise you.
Even with all this "free will" what does that matter if you are omnipotent? You will still KNOW right? God knows what you are thinking right now, he is a little like the CIA, listening in to your phone calls. He knows you are thinking about looking for porn right now..hah gotcha!
So, Adam posits that Gods only interest is can I destroy myself? Like Dune, if you can see all multiple futures as quickly as people create them would life not become meaningless? Brutally depressing? So God blows himself up and now God is recreating himself..We are all little pieces of God dust.......and if we are nice people that don't buck "probability" we will live happily after, the end. Blech.
So, God is sort of dead, well whatever dead is for an omnipotent being........Wouldn't an omnipotent being know what death is? So why would he need the experience?
See this is how I prove that religion is bullshit.
There very well may be a God but that God has absolutely nothing to do with any known religion. Or with the babblings of some delusional old fart on a blog no one reads.

This stuff was interesting when I was sixteen and looking for the meaning of suffering. Once I grew up and realized there is no meaning to suffering, it's just suffering, life got a lot easier.
People always searching for an explanation, an excuse, aren't living. They are boring the ass off the rest of us at parties.

Leave the meaning of the universe alone. You'll get the answer soon enough.


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