Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh dear

Greys Anatomy
Oh hell where to start?
I knew that Denny would die..Subconsciously I knew but to kill him off after he survives a heart transplant..a stolen heart no less and after asking Izzie to marry him and she accepts? That is harsh cold shit there. I like being manipulated by my dramas and all but ouch.
I knew McDreamy could never stay away from Meredith, he loves her and her loss was too much. He wanted to be a good man, a man that doesn't walk away or give up but what he did was so unforgivable.
The only answer to this is divorce and I love Addison..I don't want her to go away..But the show cannot survive if Grey is sleeping with Derek and Derek is pretending to be a good husband...I cannot believe Grey would re-enact her own mothers life.
Derek is a bastard and Meredith..leaving McVet there like a fool..ahhhh
I wanted to kill Christina until the end..I am glad she realized that Burke is her McDreamy surgeon or fisherman.

Poor crazy Izzie..I would have had her arrested for what she did. That is the reason we don't get involved with patients, we make selfish, disastrous decisions. I still felt so sorry for her loss. I hate that the writers thought she needed to be so thoroughly destroyed.
I did love how "the family" came together, even Alex and his football team analogies.

All in all a sad,awful episode..too much all at once. I like finales but the throwing everything at everyone just gets exhausting and irritating.
Damn..I can't believe how far McDreamy has fallen..what does Meredith see in him now?
That said I don't like McVet at all...I know I should but I don't. Being a good guy never pays.

Maybe everything will work out in the end..Meredith and McDreamy with a new Dog, Burke and Christina..Burke all getting better every day..George needs to dump frumpy McCrazy though..girl is way too needy and scary eyed.
Poor Izzie..I have no idea how she can come back..special dispensation for being crazy maybe?
Alex needs a nice Catholic girlfriend to knock up next year..

I am a romantic at heart..maybe Addison could try McVet out?


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