Saturday, April 29, 2006


Here is a really cool thing we all can do to save lives in Africa. Malaria is on the rise and killing 200,000 children a year. Malaria is spread by mosquito's..For about a dollar per child we can send nets impregnated with child safe insecticide. The children sleep under the nets safe from mosquito bite.
Right now the UN and donor countries are involved in a mammoth measles immunization drive across Africa. We need to give each child a mosquito net and a measles shot.
Jeffrey D Sachs has a nonprofit The Millennium Promise that is accepting sponsorship. How about sending him a few bucks?
Saving Muslim children makes us heroes..It's really hard to hate a country that is working to save your most prized family members.
George Bush is pushing the malaria project, call your local representatives and ask how you can help the President.
Because my Prime Minister seems to never speak about anything I have no idea what Canada's role is on the project other than the typical Canadian response "oh yes, we believe in it strongly"never giving any hint that any ACTION is happening.
I continue to ask around but I don't expect much response other than platitudes. At least we are paying our UN dues and contributing some cash.

The UN has announced it has to cut the food rations of the refugees of Darfur because all the countries that said they were going to contribute money never sent a check. Assholes every one. It's always this way..The world has a crisis and all the UN members yell throw money at it and no one ever gives up a dime. Pay your bills already! People are starving because you can't find your checkbook.

I have an awful feeling that nothing will change in Africa unless real people become involved, not countries and governments..Real people who stand on the sidewalk every where and scream out the names of the dead and dying.
Stop thinking about Iraq and immigration and gas prices, they aren't problems that must be solved today. Darfur must be solved today . Every day that goes by means we don't care, it means that genocide no longer means anything.

Hitler stands before you, his name has changed but his actions are the same. Remember that game we all played? The game when someone asked if Hitler stood before you what would you?
Now is the time to put your plan into action or was that all bs?


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