Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why didn't I think of that?

The bill for the cat was over two hundred dollars. The operation took ten minutes and used about five dollars of medications. When did the vet become a gangster ? Everyone talks about how awful it is that dogs and cats are euthanized regularly because owners can't afford them anymore. We can't afford them anymore because the vet is a crook.
Owning a pet is now a luxury. Used to be owning a dog or cat was something anyone could do, not anymore. Just to get a cat vaccinated once costs a hundred bucks because the vet needs to do an exam. Can we all agree the exam is a joke? The exam consists of the vet looking at the pet and giving them a grope. They listen to their breathing and their heart unable to hear a damn thing because cats purr loudly when upset. Dogs pant and squirm. The vet gets only a cursory two minute if that look at your pet. No blood work is included in this "exam" either.
They push the blood work because for a five dollar test they can charge you two hundred. I have seen for myself what the lab charges the vet, what the vaccine manufacturers charge, it would shock you how badly you are getting gouged.
It costs the vet five cents for a rabies shot, they charge you fifty. The markup is grotesque and there are no controls on your vet. They are given a guideline by the college and they mark that up fifty percent.
Don't even think about going to a University Hospital. They charge thousands of dollars for doing nothing at all but talking to you.

Farm pets work for their dinner, the cats catch the mice and the dogs keep the rodents and coyotes away from the livestock. They aren't house pets sitting around doing nothing all day waiting for some one to come home and put a leash on them and drag them around the neighborhood for ten minutes.
I need my pets healthy and non breeding. I don't have the luxury of keeping them indoors. I think it's fine to gouge the purse pet people. Anyone who shoves an animal into a bag and drags them around night and day needs to pay through the nose for the luxury but the rest of us shouldn't be bled dry.
These vets are boutique owners forcing prices up and up . They are responsible for the sad state of affairs in the shelter. If it was inexpensive to get your pet fixed and vaccinated a lot more people would do it.
Pet ownership is not just the right of the rich and the way vets are behaving makes me a little ill.

I wish I had become a vet, I would be a millionaire. Instead I look after people and I am broke all the time. The world is a strange place ain't it?


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