Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I have a few very favorite blogs. The kind that make you think and make you laugh. I guess we all do. Occasionally I will sift through their linked sites. I always think I will love them, I will love what they are reading and sometimes I am right and I add a new blog to the favorites .
Sometimes I am wrong. I will be reading and laughing thrilled to find a new author. To be honest I will be feeling a little smug, thinking about how I sure can find them!
Then I will stop and reread the post I thought I was enjoying . I reread that last sentence and realize with horror that this person is a freak flying under the radar.
It always makes me laugh.
People always reveal themselves little by little. It is always a little shocking and sometimes really, really funny.
My favorite is when I think the author is a just like me.Talking about work, kids, the state of the world, how they love Jesus (huh?) they have 23 cats (oh no) they are in a three way lesbian/hetero marriage with two kids carried by surrogate mothers who they see every Saturday, Satan controls their television, they voted for George Bush twice and are planning on voting for Jeb!
I guess that is why I love following the links, I have no idea who I am going to meet.

I enjoy a lot of writers that are really not into eating meat. I thought they may become a little to religious about their veganism but so far it's been fine. I don't have too many issues with meat other than beef. I can't digest it so I am left with chicken. Chicken is okay, a little bland, a little boring not unlike chickens themselves. I cannot get worked up about chicken torture, sorry PETA and Pam but they're chickens.
Chickens will murder each other given half the chance . It doesn't take being in a crowded cage to make them do it either. If they don't like another chicken or there is a deformed, injured chicken around the rest of the gang will wander over and peck it to death. Chickens will practice cannibalism if you let them. They are dumb and mean and I don't have a moments guilt about eating them at all, hell I think they would happily eat you given the chance. They are in fact a lot like the worst of us and I don't have any sympathy for them either..
I don't eat veal. Veal is eating the product of torture. Every time I see some fatassed ignorant white guy chowing down on veal it makes me shiver. I believe if you eat veal you are inviting some truly awful event into your life.
I have problems with beef because large, ignorant corporations and their shareholders profit from it and cows destroy the land.
Their never ending need to clomp around destroys the topsoil, their need to eat grass pushes out natural grasses, wildflowers and trees. Cows create desert. Sheep are worse. Sheep rip the grass out by it's root, they eat anything and everything. They give nothing back and destroy the proper balance of nature.

What is even more disturbing is the new custom of bushmeat. I hate the term "bushmeat", let's call it what it is..eating primates on the endangered list. Local people never ate monkeys before the loggers came. The loggers opened up the forest, the jungle. The loggers brought the custom of eating red meat to people who ate fish. Their logging practices poisoned the water and the fish died. They bought up all the land that was once used for farming. They created a subculture that served the loggers needs. The loggers wanted meat and so the practice of serving up our biological cousins began.
People cry about cows, chickens and sheep and I agree that cows and sheep are harmful but why doesn't anyone protest the eating of the monkeys?
PETA needs to stop worrying about chickens and put some of that Pam Anderson cash behind creating sustainable farming and helping to support governments that outlaw eating primates.

I am still fighting the crud. I seem to be just another one of a million victims. Maybe we all have bird flu! AHHH the pandemic arrived and nobody noticed, well except for us whiners begging for another cup of tea and some Fisherman's Friends, lord they are good and nasty. I have never read the ingredients but I wouldn't be surprised if eye of newt was in there.


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