Monday, March 27, 2006


She is sitting in my lap trying to catch my fingers as I type. I picked her out. She was tiny,vocal and ever moving. She wanted out and she wanted to come home with us.
I guess that is why I was so upset that she wandered off.
Was her life so bad? Too much love,good food, a best friend that loved her beyond reason? How could all that be a bad thing?
I am glad she came home, glad she picked us again.

Prison Break is awful. Pure cheeeeeese. I can't watch anymore it has become so goofy. What's next? They get hit with an earthquake? a tornado? and a flood but still our ever plucky half burnt hero will find a way!
Did he have to stay up against that heating pipe? Could he not have moved away maybe a quarter step? More importantly the smell of sizzling flesh is OBVIOUS..drunk guard guy wasn't that drunk..he should have smelt something cooking behind him.
Ahh why do I's beyond smurfy at this point.

I have to say I loved the Sopranos. The depiction of Tony after extubation sitting in that chair was so completely perfect. That is exactly what people look like. They look destroyed,damaged..filthy and sad. No matter how much you try as a nurse to snazz them up it doesn't work. Coming that close to death and skipping by it leaves a brutal mark. A scar that sometimes only nursing,patients and families see and feel. That person is new...whatever ,whoever they were? That person has been burned out. I wonder who this new Tony will be.
I also loved how Carmela finally got it. She made a choice , informed consent so to speak when she married Tony but those kids never got it.
Those kids now have to make a choice....become a Gotti and protect and defend at all costs no matter what the charges or bail and run away. Forget that they ever had a mother or father.
The kicker is both those kids are now fair game for the FBI. They make one awful mistake and they will be sent on to the same broken bridge Adriana and Pussy fell from .
I wonder how this will change Carmela?

Question to ponder..If you knew you scored on a hand ball do you admit you did? Should you be punished for doing it?
I don't know..I think you always need to finish the play no matter what. You have to wait for the whistle..if you get caught, well so be it. But it's still cheating isn't it? You know it was a handball right? If you were true to the spirit of the game you should stop the play and admit your foul but the pressure, the money...will you lose your position? will you get benched for a week?
Now that football has become so brutally a "business" full of corporations can you take such a gallant stance if it means your team will lose the points?

Tomorrow more acupuncture..last week I got a few days of better pain control. I want to think the acupuncture is working. The nice man who does it is a little skeptical, he thinks I should have had better results much quicker if it is going to work. I tell him I have always been a bit slower about things..maybe I am right.


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