Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Polar bears

So, I was over at today a relatively new environmental blog that stee had recommended and read that of all things George Bush is considering making polar bears a threatened species.
So, according to George and his new best boy friend Micheal Crichton global warming doesn't exist so what is up with them goofy polar bears? Maybe it's depression, depression about carrying around toxic pesticides in it's fat from eating fish and seals.
It couldn't be the fact that the ice is taking longer and longer to freeze and they end up in the penitentiary at Churchill for months right?
Health care workers can't decide whether to get the Inuit to stop breast feeding because their breast milk is filled with mercury , pesticides and toxic right?
The oceans are dead or dying, fish stocks have disappeared but two people I know just bought SUV's.
An oil based economy is suicide, Brazil for hells sake knows this..they run on ethanol from sugar cane. Soon they will be the only damn country in the world completely independent from the oil based economy.
So when we are back in the stone age after the oil runs out or it becomes so expensive only Hollywood actors can buy it Brazil will be ticking along laughing it's ass off at us.

Personally there is some part of me that cannot wait for the day the earth kicks us really hard in the ass..not Katrina that was just a tiny warning, not the tsunami, that was tiny too..a really good global asskicking and then we will wake up.

Check out Sludgie..get some facts and start making some reasonable choices before you have to ride your bike.

Oh, today at work..there are no words to describe some patients..sometimes you just have to stop and tell them that you are not their slave and be done with it. I want to stay coldly professional, above the fray but some patients wont let you. They pick,gripe, moan, twist,wiggle and make you NUTS and then their family comes in and suddenly it all makes sense. They are all nuts and no matter how accommadating you are it will not matter. They cannot be satisfied, they have never been satisfied and you, in your puny nurse role are planted on this earth only to serve their every whim.......I wanted to run, screaming from the bedside about a hundred times today.
I was on such a geat run with such great patients..damn them for ruining the streak.

American Idol sucks..all the singers are did they get passed through? How is that twitchy, blinky guy still in the competition? I am totally with Simon and if Paula says one more time how wonderful someone looks I will find her and make her sleep with that creepy Corey guy again. Who the hell cares how they look you idiot? Half the most famous singers in the world are pretty damn strange looking but they can sing a little bit..not like these tone deaf talentless hacks.
That old guy with the gray hair does karaoke every week and paula pees her pants. it's gross.
This is worse than Star Search. Really, do they believe that the next American Idol is going to sing Barry Manilow covers? Or how about trashing Stevie Wonder? Anyone out there going to cough up twenty bucks to listen to this bunch ?


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