Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I am a sometime fan of the Amazing race but lately I am getting more and more and disgusted by the competitors. I get that it is a race, a competition and a reality show but it is also a chance of a lifetime to see the world and experience their cultures.
I listen to them whine and I want to reach into my TV and whack them really,really hard.
I hate the old decrepit couples who can't stop expecting failure at every turn. They are always throwing in the damn towel at any sight of hardship. The minute they get behind it's an uncomfortable litany of unfairness, they never accept that they made simple mistakes that can be fixed. Their hopelessness and passive aggressive helplessness makes my teeth hurt. Why would you go through the entire audition process blind to the fact that you are going to be stressed, uncomfortable and always out of your element?
Why does it always come as such a damn surprise to these old folks? Did they think there was a special geriatric version?

I was irritated and irritable today.I am amazed at the abilities some people have to avoid work. I have seen people create tiny crawl spaces for themselves, hidden deep behind hospital supplies. You have to carve out a little time to create and send out a search party for them, calling their name while they giggle , hidden in their little cave safe from doing any work. Their greatest achievement is the constantly expanding break. Breaks that used to last fifteen minutes are now an hour, hour breaks are two and a half. They need coffee and lunch and a damn good nap to get through the morning. Then there is an afternoon nap and supper! This doesn't include "hiding" time that could be a few hours too!
I wish it wasn't too late to apply.
Imagine if they used that ingenuity for work..They would have found the cure for cancer by now.
I am all for getting your breaks, hell I'm usually the first one out the door but damn I don't have the guts to skip any work entirely for an eight hour nap. I don't care that they duck work, what I care about is when they are ducking out they are creating more work for me and I don't have any time left to schedule in any more work.If it doesn't affect anyone else I am all for taking a nap but if you are screwing five other people expect them to be really pissed and less than friendly. It's just common sense.

Ever have someone ask you for advice and all you can think is "damn if you are that dumb you deserve everything you get?" But you can't actually say that so you make up some tired bullshit last heard from Dear Abby? Then you are kind of embarrassed you actually said "if you love something let it free and if it comes back to you it was meant to be". I mean who the hell actually says that to people and means it? I said it but I didn't mean it. I just wanted to be able to escape the conversation without laughing and pointing. People can be so blind it's funny.
"He won't let you meet his friends or his family" gosh do you think this relationship will last?
Hell no it won't but you can't say that can you? It would be rude and cruel. I want to . I want to start telling people the brutal truth all the time. Maybe it is a sign of mental illness..Who knows.
Maybe just a sign of sleep deprivation. Or maybe people should just shutup around me but I am one of those people. Everybody knows us, strange people stop us on the street and reveal their life story, everyone comes to us "just to talk". We attract the bizarre, the insane and the brutally unlucky in love. We would like to report to the world that just because we have an open, sympathetic face doesn't actually mean we are actually all that sympathetic. Stop talking to us, you are freaking us out.

Acupuncture was a walk in the park. Absolutely painless. I have no idea if it has done anything but I am happy to report it is the first time I have tried something that didn't have sickening or painful side effects. I hope it helps. I have opened my mind to any possible treatment. Anything is better than doing nothing. I think if I can retain a sense of motion in my treatment, a positivity, I can tolerate the situation better. Stagnation is what terrifies, being stuck with no way out. Sciatica is ridicuously resistant to treatment.
Who knows, next week biofeedback and Kabbalah..I can get some red thread around here somewhere I am sure of it.


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