Sunday, March 26, 2006

weird question

I have a weird habit. I love nail polish.
Not in the usual getting a manicure way. I love getting a certain type of nail polish, Sally Hansens InstaDri. I love it because it dries really quickly so I can pick it off all in one piece. I am a nail picker , I admit it. Is there a group for compulsive nail picking?

I also am addicted to a certain kind of moisturizer SHISHEIDO....oh it is wonderful and damn it is expensive. My stepmother sent it for christmas and now I am lost without it. I have never conditioned my face before, ever..and now I can't stop.

So I pick off expensive nail polish and rub expensive moisturizer on.....

Does anyone else have weird habits? not you know weird weird..but everyday kinda strange?

I bet I am not as weird as I think I may be...I hope.
Now that the wonder cat has staggered home maybe I will slow down on the nail picking. it would help the budget.
So talk to me, let me know your weirdness I promise not to make fun of you.


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