Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I know it's been talked to death but what the hell is wrong with you people? Why can you not drive your damn car without aiming it at me on my way home?
I was nearly wiped out by some idiot woman trying to dial her damn phone using both hands on a major highway. You cannot drop down to thirty miles an hour in the express lane without warning so you can have a little moronic chat with some other moron.

I have seen the end results of all your stupidity. You lay in a bed, drooling and incontinent while your family tries to find a nursing home bed to plant your vegetable ass. I have no sympathy for you but for your family? That is the tragedy. While you were juggling your phone,lipstick and Tim Hortons coffee trying to steer with one knee driving at 120km your family was at home under the assumption you had a functioning brain and wouldn't commit suicide by moron on the way home.
You suck.What makes me even crazier is you don't just wipe yourself out you usually take out some unsuspecting normal person.

Honestly, what the hell is your problem? Who is so important that they will drop dead if you don't call them? No one right? Yeah, you say that right now but I can bet you will do it again tomorrow because you are a moron with a death wish and a nice side of sociopath.

Dear Burger King
I love your chicken sandwich and your fries but couldn't you mention to the cashier that fifty piercings is forty eight too many? Especially all the lip and nose ones..they make me anxious and a little sad, not exactly how I want to feel when I am eating all the weekly recommended fat in one meal..Okay?

Oh House..You have fallen in love and what a fine choice. Your new love can cook a fine meal and brought a friend in to keep the house nice and clean. I like him.
I think they should jettison all the medical drama and stick with these two room mates..But it all seems a little familiar..Like it has been done before.
Hmmm..one is a slob with no manners or tact and the other is neat, tidy...oh! The Odd couple reduxx.....wow how the mighty have fallen. What happened? Writers take a little vacation time and someone was watching that oldies television station and voila! Why be original when you can blatantly rip off someone else.
Gahh..it's incredible to me that I really loved this show once. I feel kinda dirty and stupid.

The Amazing race was actually kind of cool. How refreshing to hear someone say " I don't want to feel that way" when describing irritation with the love of your life. He admitted he felt angry and told her immediately that it made him feel bad. She is blessed to have found someone as profoundly kind as this man. I do have to admit the old killer fatigue really got a few people here. If they had been less tired they would have quickly realized that they had extra pieces but when it's night time at the end of a killer day finding reasonable solutions to problems is just so damn hard to do.
I am surprised to see the fatigue show up so early. It isn't even half way yet and it will only get harder and harder from here on in. I think the guys have the best chance. Both pairs have a light heartedness to them so they don't get easily frustrated. They aren't really heavily invested in the outcome and seem more than happy to just be playing. I think they could both become incredibly competitive near the end though. When the aching exhaustion creeps in and the travel stops being fun and they are just willing themselves to just keep going? The boys team will bear down and take it.....
That madman dentist and his long suffering wife will surely implode soon enough. We all have seen the "intense" guys just collapse into gibbering idiots when the Race cranks it up a notch.
Just a quick trip to Mumbai and a ride on the train should be enough to send the good dentist over the edge. I can't wait to see that and no I have no sympathy for his wife, she picked him so obviously his brand of crazy was exactly what she was shopping for.
I am just glad they haven't allowed it to become a "Jonathon" fiasco. If it devolves into that kind of abuse I will have to stop watching. I still cannot understand why the producers let that little bastard get away with so much. I would have put him on a plane back to the States five seconds after he gave his wife that shove. I would have sent his wife on a cruise to get away from him.
Grabbing for ratings really tarnished the show..I hope they have learned their lesson.

Today I put into action what I have talked about over and over. Communication with family and patients. It was incredibly hard work, uphill all the way but at the end of it good progress was made. Everyone understands a little more.
Trying to explain human physiology to someone with little formal education can be trying but I have discovered that by drawing simple pictures and using familiar examples it can be done.
I have to admit I got hellishly frustrated a few times. When you have to tell someone that there is no "fix" for something they resist it with everything they have. You have to push so hard knowing that with every word you are causing them terrible pain.
How do you say "we can't help anymore" with compassion and patience? How do you do it so that at the end of the conversation they understand all the whys and hows and they come slowly to the same conclusion?
You spend the time, you listen and shut up. You are brutally honest and you give them room to find their own way.
Always the carrot, never the stick.


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