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So two nutcase replies. The first was so bizarre I had to laugh. "Jean" is now denying any responsibility for the whacked out post at Ah Yes Medical School but a quick trip over to her blog states two writers contribute and one is Estelle. I have no idea if this is one person flaming under different names but it made me laugh as the flamer used both addresses. Now one side of the split personality has no memory of sharing a blog and flaming another blogger. She has two blogs..the first is called "faggots on the third floor". I don't know if she is a lesbian as I couldn't get past the essay about what she wanted her sunroom to look like but I cringed at the "faggot" term.
Why are weird people so damn weird?
The second had to post as anonymous in terror that I would, hell I don't know ..maybe reply to their mad ramblings? This is another nut suggesting that girls are better candidates for mutilation and muttering about studies they don't understand . What is even more amusing is he is a one of those dick obsessors..moaning about how mommy mutilated him and his penis isn't pretty.
War, famine and torture everywhere and this guy spends all his energy looking at his penis.

Is this really how people spend their time? Writing long posts about their sunroom and their dick? I wouldn't know as I have managed to find great writers that write about how involved they are with the world and have enough sense not to write about their dicks.

I have sympathy for people who suffer but I can't empathize with people who whinge.
It's pathetic. I have seen real suffering, true suffering and your less than perfect circumcision doesn't make the cut. Try facing the world without one at all. Try doing that with third degree burns and two broken legs . See how stupid you sound?

We have become a world filled with whiners, complainers and professional victims.
When I get a cold do I say I am a victim that needs compensation? Someone gave me that cold right? I lost wages because of it.Am I not entitled to hunt down that carrier and have them pay me?
I could blame my mother for making me a girl and forcing me to tolerate bleeding and cramps..she should pay right? I have premenstrual syndrome and post menstrual syndrome and pre-premenstrual syndrome..I have a right to start a club and lobby doctors to create medicine to cure me of the burden of being a woman right?
How about this back of mine? I could sue all my doctors , the hospitals , my employer and the patient that did it to me right?
That is what professional victims do, along with gazing sadly at their penis.
If you go to a blog I like and act like an asshole and then deny it was you I have to wonder if you aren't really weird. I have the right just like you to come to your blog and say "hey what the hell are you doing?"

What the hell are you doing anyway estelle/jean? Other than posting letters from someone without their permission.

On to something important. What are we going to do about Palestine? I understand we cannot support any government that refuses to acknowledge the country right beside them. The first reason is they are really dumb. It's a country, right beside them ..are they just looking the other way all the time? maybe the sun is really bright..hell who knows but it doesn't bode well if they are that dumb. I don't want to give them any money if they don't know their own geography.
The second problem is they are in love with violence.. they are so in love they brought a small boy in the car when they shot off a few rockets in the direction of that country that doesn't exist. That country shot back and killed them all. I mean , I get that being stupid can be deadly but these people are so stupid they believed that because they are pretending that Israel doesn't exist Israel was pretending too. Surprise!
Israel isn't really into pretending much unless it's about brain dead people being alive.
Congratulations Israel in announcing that Sharon is permanently incapacitated...permanent vegetative states can preclude running a country but George Bush is as always the exception.
I worry more about the regular Palestinian, the one just like me. Just under that middle class line, not poor but nowhere near wealthy. They have few options. They have real skills, skills good enough for immigration. Do they stay in a country leaning closer and closer to the pit or do they make a run for it and make a better life somewhere else? They have to abandon their country, abandon the movement they worked so hard for. But to stay means they agree with Hamas, a terrorist organization that believes murder is the only way to peace.
Abandoning their country means leaving them without nurses. doctors, electricians and plumbers..all the people needed to keep the infrastructure working.
Leaving means speeding up the process of collapse.
Already food is becoming scarce, most countries have cut off aid leaving the UN holding the bag.
Is this right?
The UN has failed over and over, Rwanda, Darfur can we expect them to avert a humanitarian crisis in Gaza?
Sometimes the practice of democracy doesn't create the results we were expecting. They elected this government and now we are brutally punishing them for it. I get that they should have known better. They should have known the world would cringe and pull back but they weren't thinking about us. They were revolting against a government that was corrupt, a government that lied to the people and stole all their money. It never occurred to them that their vote against a corrupt government would make the world hate them. The people thought they were doing the right thing. The democratic thing.
I don't think we can continue to punish them for their vote. I think we should funnel the money we were going to give to the corrupt government into a special UN account to pay for food, medicine, education and employees.
If the lower middle class are getting paid and fed they will stay. Their presence will keep the country together and hopefully the next election will have different results.
We have to support the people, we don't have to agree with Hamas to do it.
Hamas is just another example of militant thinking. They are blinded to logic, deaf to reason because their belief is fragile. Their belief is so thin it cannot stand up to discussion or disagreement. When people truly believe they can happily engage in discussion. They can listen. Hamas is a movement made from spun glass. If the people had decent jobs, good health care and access to education Hamas would disappear.
Poverty is the bacteria that terrorists feed on. Eliminate it and they will starve.

But ofcourse people are too consumed with the appearance of their penis to care.


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