Sunday, April 09, 2006


I have a cold, my period and a terrible pain day.
I have cramps of the uterus, cramps of the calf and cramps in my head.
I have taken meds for the pain..different meds for different pain .
The meds constipate so I take more meds to relieve the constipation.
My life revolves around tiny pills that recently I haven't had the skill to pick up. My left hand is rebelling, my left arm hurts..for no reason at all.

I am suddenly amused by my body in revolt. Rioting is going on at the gates and stupid me I missed the meeting, never got memo. I have no idea what the agenda is.
I will agree to all demands, a raise, better benefits? Whatever you guys want..I love you give me a moments peace okay?

If you wont give in I have ways of forcing the issue you know. I have a doctor who will shut all of you up, my acupuncturist will happily stick needles in you...oh wow..Is that the problem?
I promise no more needles. Well no more needles as long as you start behaving..Any more of this and I will put tiny needles every where.

Why are so people so radical,so adamant is their beliefs? Why do they smack you in the face and call you monster when you disagree? Do they believe that calling people abusers that will spark change?
Why has no one remembered the carrot? Why can't people talk to each other and express their beliefs without being kicked in the head and assigned the label destroyer of the world?
I was over at Ah Yes, Medical School and the essay was on completing a first time medical procedure, the procedure was circumcision.
Yes, the whole world has opinions on circumcision and there is nothing wrong about talking about how you feel about medical procedures. What was wrong was the militants arrived and screamed themselves hoarse. They called everyone in the discussion child abusers. I couldn't resist following one back to her blog. She now complains that all the people involved in the flame war were pedophiles. She accused mothers of having a sexual interest in their boys because they wanted their penis to look good. She never mentioned how weird it was to be completely obsessed about how good her kid looked without surgical intervention and what that said about her. Her idea was that female children were better candidates for circumcision as it was less painful for girls. At this point I wanted to go to her house haul her to the airport and drag her to an African home to watch little girls be assaulted with a worn bit of coke bottle. I wanted to ask her if that looked just fine to her. I then remembered she was ignorant. Ignorant in the too stupid to live definition.
I read a bit of her blog. What was a little heartbreaking is on the whole she didn't seem crazy. She hid her crazy really well. That is scary.

I don't like it when really militant people seem just like me. I guess I can be a little militant about not torturing your loved one by leaving them to suffer and die for weeks on a ventilator with their hands strapped to the bed and their skin broken and weeping but I don't hide that militancy and honestly I think the majority of us can get behind the idea.
Getting shrill and fanatical about male circumcision, a procedure that doesn't destroy a child's ability to walk, urinate, pass their menstrual blood and enjoy or even be able to have sex in favour of one that does makes me a little ill.
I am in favour of circumcision, research clearly shows circumcised men are less likely to transmit HIV...That is a way to protect women and children without harming boys.
If you have repressed memories and are obsessed with your circumcision how about getting a hobby, finding a job and moving out of your parents basement. You are being ridiculous and you need a real life to obsess over.
What a joke.....Obviously some people have way too much time on their hands..Turn off the television and the computer, get off the couch and go outside..There is a whole world out there to fuss about. Try seals, global warning, starvation, genocide...Stop worrying about your dick already. To the mothers who have created a movement, shut up. You do what you believe is right and stop dictating to the rest of us.


At 5:03 AM, Blogger Jean said...

Berfore you go leaving some nasty comment on someone's blog, you might want to make sure that you have yhe right person, because this time you didn't. Your comment was nasty and out of line and I did not appreciate it. While I do not agree with any form of circumcision I also would not leave a comment like that on anyones blog, and I expect the same out of other people. So from now on you might want to make sure that you have the right person before you act like an idiot.

At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed you from your dumb comment on another blog. I'm not leaving my blog though because I don't want you following me back.
The 'research' you quoted on HIV has been dismissed by every medical organization in the world. No one will publish it because it is clearly flawed. There were no control groups, and it followed 1500 circumcised men for a period of time and over 2000 uncircumcised men for 8 weeks longer. Who do you think is gonna have the most danger? The british medical journal has clearly come out against this flawed research as well, as have most organizations
Circumcision doesn't prevent HIV America has more circumcision than anywhere in the world. It also has more AIDS than anywhere in western world. Countries where most men aren't circumcised have weigh less AIDS. Why do you think that is?
But hold on to your fallacies. Hopefully you never have children to try them out on.
As a man who was circumcised, I don't remember it. But I have had lifelong problems from it. Painful erections, ugly scars, etc. My penis would be fine if my parents had left it alone. they didn't know better. You do. Don't do that to your son.
And don't call her crazy. She stated the facts. Maybe you should google the genital mutilation and see what is done to boys and girls. Surgical female circumcision has no more complications than surgical male circumcision. Don't compare coke bottles to scalpels. And maybe before you call someone's kid daffy looking, you should read a more back and realize that her kid has a life threatening illness and the inability to make skin cells. You'd look funy with no skin to.

At 10:39 PM, Blogger adventures in disaster said...

hey jean
mayber before you come to someone elses blog you should check and see that the idiot used your blog name when she posted her ignorant comments. I don't really care what your opinion is considering you happily associate with nutcases.

At 10:42 PM, Blogger adventures in disaster said...

Dear anonymous
you are a moron that spends most of your time staring at your dick.
Get a job, find a mate and get a life.
And if you were so well informed you would know you got the wrong study you idiot.
wow the idiots slink out.


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