Tuesday, April 11, 2006

well that is just great

I have resistant strep. That is not a good thing to have. Anyone who has ever had strep can tell you regular strep sucks, the resistant kind sucks even harder let me tell you.
Since I am sick and vulnerable the car took the opportunity to eat the transmission. It's time to buy a new truck..Tomorrow.
I am dreading it. I hate feeling like I have no backup plan and I am going to be stuck with whatever we can find. I wanted to save up a downpayment and do lots of research. Now all I can do is scramble and hope for the best.
I cannot believe my car has done such a thing.It is such a disloyal sneaky damn thing to do. I have always been kind to that car. I have praised it and called it pretty.
I was going to keep it around and fix all its little wrongs but now? Hell no you cannot do this to me and expect to be rewarded..you are the trade in baby!
stop looking at me like that..I'm not the one that refuses to change gears alright...


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