Thursday, April 20, 2006

Part 3

Jim finally arrived with my money. I had to threaten them with the cops and a civil suit to get it. The absolutely certifiable crazy general manager of a Ford dealership heard screaming in the background "give the bitch her money, we don't need her money, tell that bitch Jim is coming to her house with the money." Yes, the general manager. I couldn't resist calling back and asking him "was that you screaming obscenities in the background?" He said yes...
Ford knows it is staggering towards bankruptcy but it still employs freaks. I can honestly say I will never buy a ford product ever and I will tell ever person I know that Ford sucks and will, if given a chance screw the hell out of you just for a laugh.
I know this because Ford of Canada absolutely bailed on helping me. It whined that it wasn't responsible..They sold their Ford cars to a Ford dealership and Ford just cannot get involved with Ford. Dicks all of them.

Thank you makers of the Zpack. What a friendly, happy little antibiotic that made feel much better you are . To the makers of that crappy penicillin rip off..thanks for adding a week of hell to my life. A week! damn days of coughing and panting and dripping nose, sore are lucky I am not the vengeful sort you little buggers.

Thank you to my doctor who has persevered even though you thought sedation might be the better route. I am glad you didn't shove me into the hospital for a week even though you threatened it. I promise to never touch anything with my hands ever again. I will wear gloves everywhere I go and if I take them off ,even for a moment, to de prune my skin I promise to wash my bare hands vigorously, like an OCD patient vigorously, I promise. I may use bleach.

I have changed my toothbrush twice. I have washed all my linen and all my clothes. I have germicided the family. I think I may wrap a plastic bubble around the house. I can never be that sick again.

The coyotes just ate something in the back field. I am sure it was a bunny. Bunnies scream like children. It is the most awful thing you can hear in the night. All you can do is run outside with the dogs barking and start yelling your head off in the hopes of giving the bunny a moments grace to make a getaway. But is that fair to the coyote? It has babies to feed, we can hear the babies yipping. Do they starve to let the bunny live?
I like them both, I just don't want to hear nature doing it's grim business. That is a terrible twenty first century cop out isn't it? I want the world to return to it's proper balance and balance means everybody's gotta eat. Death is grim and joyful in nature .
You can hear the coyote pups yipping with sheer excitement, it's food.
Poor bunny. It sucks to be food.

Hi there Chinese President guy!
Boy, you are a grim little bugger aren't you? I have some really bad news about all that oil and coal you are burning. It's going to make breathing a little weird for you. From what I can see you don't really care much and truly can the smog get any worse where you live? Heh..yes, it sure can. The weather may become a bit of a problem, nothing the communist party can't, well, you know, lie it's ass off about but you may need to get really creative. Something you guys aren't all that good at. No fear, just check out George Bush, he has been telling people for years it's just alarmist bs that scientists make up so they have something to talk about at conventions. Just follow his lead.
I may mention that when it gets really awful where you are , no, you can't move here. There isn't enough room anywhere for a billion people. What is wrong with you people? You live in a tightly controlled bordered country..Did you think we would just let you move into your neighbor's once you completely destroyed your place? It's like frat boys trashing a hotel room. Who the hell do you think is going to clean up after you? It's sure as hell isn't going to be God right?

Dear India and Pakistan
it's called birth control..What the hell is wrong with you? There is nothing more disgusting than seeing a country with ready access to ultrasound machines ignoring birth control. You abort or murder female children and yet you wont stop getting pregnant, constantly. Ten kids not enough, fifteen not like seeing your children starve, it's the only answer.
You wont stop procreating despite the fact you live in a tent, in a slum with no job, no health care and no education. Are you all morons? If you cannot feed yourself or your wife who did you think was going to feed your children? Were you expecting the baby boy fairy to show up with groceries and cash?
Half your population is breeding madly, the very same half that is so poor it cannot afford fucking shoes. I refuse to feel sorry for you. I have no sympathy at all. My honest hope for you is you abort all the girls, every damn one of them . No girls? No more babies. The end.
The baby girls are better of as their mothers are pathetic sadistic sad sacks that refuse to stand up and fight. The women of that society will happily make living torches of their daughters in law, they will beat and murder their female grandchildren. This is women murdering other women because they didn't produce a boy child to starve along side every one else.
The men will stand by and let their mothers murder their wives and children so they can remarry with a clean record. Where do you think the men learn this shit? Right at their sadistic mothers feet. Better no other girl child is ever born to them.
It's called laying in the bed you made..tough.

I have to stop watching documentaries. Every time I see what some of these people are doing I lose another pint of humanity.

Global warming can't get here soon enough for some of these places.


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