Monday, April 17, 2006

My friend Jim Part II

Oh God.
I am exhausted. I am sick as a dog .I cannot hear and have an infected eye and my strep just keeps on going so trying to buy a truck is killing me.
Barry the maniac financial services guy never called nor did my illiterate friend Jim so I called them. Ofcourse no one had done anything at all. I started the day telling these idiots they had one hour to tell me a yes or no answer. They howled like I had stabbed them in the heart. Much wailing about how they had done only their very best for me blah, blah bullshit cakes. I told them to put up or shut up and then hung up.
Nothing for two hours, not a damn thing. I call back and tell them to shove the deal up their ass sideways and give me back my money. I then got SCREAMED at . Barry the maniac starts screaming his head off, I can hear the spit hitting the phone.
I tell him to shut up and fuck off and then I hang up.
I then called Ford of Canada and lodged a formal complaint.
So a few hours later the unfortunate Jim calls back. He is now sad, unhappy even.He feels slighted. He wants to know what he did wrong.
I cannot, will not do this. Where will I start? With the fact that he cannot read or write ? That would be too cruel, with the fact he never once picked a phone to tell me what the hell was going on? Why bother?
Jim wants me to pat him on the head and call him a good doggy and fuck Jim, He was an incompetent ass that forgot I existed the minute I signed the papers.
Why do people do this? They screw up and then want you to absolve them, tell them it's all okay. I have the impression that Jim has pulled this shit his whole life.He has perfected the hangdog tone, the poor me I have no control over anything..Don't blame me I didn't understand...I hate these people.
It seems the world is now full of them. They offer you anything, they bullshit like they are superstars, everyone bending to their every whim but every time they get caught it's never their fault. All that bullshit never happened. Barry never heard himself say:" I can get anyone a deal. I have had people rejected, completely rejected with bankruptcies even and I talked with the bank and worked things out. You have nothing to worry about. Your credit history is great. Don't worry, I have everything under control."..That's Barry..bullshit, bullshit... then he gets caught and it's not his fault.
Barry screams his head off over the phone, giving the little lady a good telling off for actually demanding service. What a complete asshole.

All I wanted to do was buy a ford truck. Now all I want to do is tell everyone I know Ford sucks ass.
So, my husband went out to look elsewhere as I was too damn sick to move. Once again he hits the wall.
He asks a simple question..There are two prices for every vehicle..The listed price and the price the dealership is willing to accept. My husband asks "what is the price of this truck?" and the dipshit says he will have to come in and write out an "offer" with a credit card deposit.
See you can't even offer to buy unless you PAY for the priviledge.
What a load of horseshit.
You want to make an offer? Give us five hundred bucks and we'll consider it. See they get the money and earn interest on it immediately even when the deal isn't done. It's a scam to trap you and force you to accept a bad deal..they HAVE YOUR MONEY.
It's brilliant in an awful way.
I hate anyone who sells cars. I think everyone of you is a crook and a liar.
I hope that every time you lie it comes back on you like a plague.


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