Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wasting time

I can't believe I just watched Greys hour of clips..a clip show for goodness sake..
Why didn't I turn the channel? I don't know. I kinda wanted to but something just stopped me. Some tiny part of my brain kept whispering if you turn the channel you'll miss the cool ending. Because there has to be a cool ending right? right?
Just some more clips.

I was really disappointed with the Sopranos tonight. I hate stunt casting. I thought Lauren Bacall was awful. She read her lines off a cue card and her rhythm was completely off from Kingsleys. It was like they were talking to other people. Hilariously I saw Fez in the credits and I don't remember seeing him at all. I didn't like the oh look celebrities get ridiculous amounts of expensive crap diatribe. What are you bitching about?
I didn't like seeing Christopher knock over Bacall for a couple of was stupid and unbelievable. Bacall carrying a giant basket of shit to her own limo? Please. These people have servants and publicists, the limo comes to them and they aren't wandering dark alleyways with no security in sight.
Last weeks Sopranos was so good and this week? Crap. I don't care about Artie. I know he is what Tony should have been..the counter to the mob but I also know no junior member of a crew would rip off the bosses friend. To do this would invite certain death. It just would never have happened and I find it really irritating. Identity theft and credit card theft isn't bullshit, it can invite the FBI into the mix and Tony should have beat that little weasel within an inch of his life.

Oh well, it can't all be good television.


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