Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh Canada

You are so full of shit.
You are going to wait and see what happens with the peace talks? The Sudanese assholes walked out of the peace talks..There are no peace talks. We have been asked for 1500 soldiers to support the UN rapid reaction force and we cry we are over extended.
We can leave Afghanistan for a moment and maybe let the Afghans run their own damn country for a couple of weeks okay?
Genocide trumps looking for Osama right now. The world is on fire and we have to respond accordingly.
Where the hell is the rest of the world? Where are the Muslims that sit around and bitch and moan that their religion is all about peace and love and support? How about behaving like good Muslims and helping your brothers and sisters in need?
Oh..Are you too damn busy spending your money Kuwait? Saudi? UAE?, South America? Europe?
What are you doing right now Russia? China and Japan and India sit on their asses and do nothing, waiting for someone else to do the work.
The Middle East, that giant ball of bullshit sits around and whines that no one loves them while they sit back and eat grapes and spend a couple million on a new thoroughbred race horse while their Muslim relatives are gang raped..Their excuse? Oh those Muslims are black...They aren't Arab so we don't give a shit if they die a horrible death..It says right here in the Koran that we aren't required to give a shit if women are gang raped. Don't you love a personal bible that says it's just fine to buy big cars,gold jewelry and dope when a whole country is being murdered?

Every person who calls themselves a Muslim and tolerates what is going on in the Sudan should burn in hell. Every fat, rich, oil fattened Sheik should be over run.

This is a world problem caused by religion.
Religion that always destroys everything it touches. There is no religion in the world that hasn't caused horrible suffering , murder, starvation and genocide.
Religion is at the core of every murderous heart. Religion sucks clarity, logic, compassion from every brain.
Religion equals HATE.
Name me one damn religion that hasn't murdered it's own people in it's name.
Even Buddhist monks murdered.

The people of Darfur are being murdered because they had the audacity to be Muslim and not Arab, they had the audacity to try to fight back when they were being marginalized and made into slaves.
They are being murdered because they chose the religion of a bunch of crazed maniacs that believe killing and rape is a good and wonderful thing.
Don't feed me any bullshit about Islam being a religion of peace..wherever Islam exists? Hate lives.
Wherever Christianity lives? Hate lives

Do you see that religion has made us other to each other?
We are all human fucking beings...
I cannot tell you how much I hate organized religion and what it has done to this world.
Every time you go to church ask yourself..How many people were murdered in the name of my religion?. Ask yourself how many people are starving in the name of that religion?.
Do you want to be a part of that history?
By the very act of stepping into that church you are announcing to yourself and the world that you are in full agreement with the practices of that church, that religion.....That should make you want to throw up.

Stop thinking with your own ridiculous God and start thinking with your heart. Remember when the towers fell and the world cried? A few thousand dead and all of us cried, felt devastated and sickened.
Where the hell has that horror gone?Or is the horror only for us?
Is our outrage limited only to North Americans?

It's time to reach in and pull out our outrage, our's time to start acting.
Call your member of Parliament and demand that this government intervene.
We don't need to wait for the UN, hell they'll all be dead by the time the UN invokes the proper articles.
What kind of bizarro world is it when the UN has to get a consensus to send in troops to save people from being murdered?
Why isn't the world screamimg?

Oh's too busy hunting for illegal aliens. Leave them alone okay? Until the day comes that you can tell me you picked thirty quarts of strawberries in a morning shut up. I couldn't do it and wouldn't because the pay is shit. I like strawberries and the only way I am going to get to eat them is if illegal immigrants pick the damn things.

No one cares

No one cares

I hope your God makes you feel better when three million are dead and you did nothing.


At 6:25 AM, Blogger BBC said...

Very well put, excellent. You know what is doing all that fussing don’t you? It is something flowing through you, that doesn’t like how this world is and it uses you as one of its voices. When folks get on me for bitching about them I just say “Hey, don’t look at me, it’s just something flowing through me”. BBC


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