Monday, May 08, 2006

On being a football widow

No, not that football..The real football ..the football the rest of the known world alright?.
Gah..I hate calling it soccer.
So after ranting about my feminist views and my favorite television shows I have to talk about footie.
It all started in 2004. The EUFA cup. We started watching out of boredom. It had been years since I watched. I quit after the troubles. I was so sad and so disgusted I just couldn't find any joy after so many had died.
EUFA was something different. It was a mini world cup and it was fun. We watched Rooney in his England debut and it was thrilling. He was fearless, aggressive and crazy explosive and he looked like he was loving every second. I loved watching Portugal, brilliant in the spotlight. The new stadiums were beautiful, one cut into a rock face. We rooted for England and then when Rooney was lost and so was England we rooted for Greece and Portugal. It was all fun again.
So, we started watching footie again, studiously avoiding all things Liverpool.
First it was Everton and then when Rooney came to Manchester we switched .
Soon I gave up favorite teams and moved to favorite players. Rooney for his mad,crazy bursts, Henri with his delicacy, his ballet. I loved Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, scoring goals and grinning like madmen. There are so many that I like to see but honestly it is Ronaldinho who I love. He is the most joyful of all football players. Every moment of the game for him is music, an orchestra to play with.
I love football again . I knew that when I cried with Wayne when he went down and the truth was in his face. The World Cup slipping away just like EUFA. I hope he gets better but I don't want him to do anything silly....he makes me nervous.

Barbaro ran an incredible race. I love the Derby. I have been a few times and enjoyed every moment. I love Kentucky. I think of all the years of horse racing we have put in knowing we will never have a Derby horse but still loving every damn win, even those $2,500 claimers. A win is a win..

I had a bunch of blood tests today, my fever continues and still I feel exhausted. I have eliminated everything I wait and see what the tests will show. Having a fever of unknown origin isn't a good thing to have..too many times it turns out to be a malignancy some where. Now that everyone in my family has been diagnosed with some form of cancer I guess it might be my turn in the barrel. Luckily everyone has recovered well . I hate borrowing trouble, I hate even letting this creep into my head..
Back to Grissom and Sara and why TV romances never work out.........
add your reasons..It'll be fun! Oh come on I know you are watching something..Even if it's Meerkat you think the Whiskers Gang will be triumphant or do you think there is something really, really weird about watching Meerkats for years and years?
Meerkats are better than Survivor contestants I bet. (I can't be sure since I gave up Survivor when I noticed I couldn't stop scratching every time Jeff came on the screen)


At 5:34 AM, Blogger BBC said...

I don't watch football, I think major sports are stupid when there are serious things to worry about. Actually, I don't watch much TV at all as I have no cable or dish. Just a few movies is all, I like romantic comedys. Once in a great while I go to a bar or friends place and watch a Nascar race.

Tell your hubby to go for a walk with you, TV will give him a big gut.

At 11:32 PM, Blogger adventures in disaster said... have never watched not american crap, thugs beating each other..footie,'s a chess game, it's beauty..hell it's ballet.
It ends scoreless a lot but that doesn't reflect the effort.

To sit and stew about giant things means you are missing what is important. I do what I can to raise awareness but it's only important because I believe the people of Darfur shouldn't be refugees..they should be organizing their world cup team, they should have joy and fun and laughter and all becomes meaningless if you forget why things are important.
To scream against injustice is important because injustice means these people aren't getting to watch a romantic comedy or take a walk.

I have to take what I love and see it savor it so that I know what I am fighting for. I am fighting for the same rights for every one.
To sit grumpily in a room serves nothing.....
Watch the world cup..see the faces of the fans...that love of country is important. If you love your country you will fight for it's survival, you will fight for it's right to be a world cup team.
If you have no pride and hate your country and are happy when your country is in flames? You get the Sudan....
Pride, and makes a country and a team.
Nascar is bullshit, Nascar is all about mindlessly watching a car go around in circles hoping one of them will blow up and take a few others with it. Nascar is ego, one person driving around..eechhh..Nascar means nothing to no has nothing to offer the WORLD.
The World CUP is just that..the WORLD is there, the WORLD is playing...together..the world is WATCHING, hell Iran will be you see the difference?

You are too sheltered in your little world..start watching television it will inform you, show you what is wrong and right in the world.
You need to start watching good documentaries, the good BBC news...
How can we raise awareness if people are not engaged in the world? Shunning the world and acting superior is aren't helping, you have turned your back on it and washed your hands..I am still here being a part of it.

Don't worry about my husbands gut or my tv..worry about the fact you watch nascar..hell next time you will tell me you don't vote or worse voted for that moron George Bush.

At 3:18 AM, Blogger BBC said...

If you don’t like Nascar it’s because you have never thought about the physics of slung and unslung mass and what it really takes to make a car stick to a track at two hundred miles an hour. Or how amazing it is that you can slam a piston up and down 80000 times a minute while expecting it to stick together, that’s 333 times a second. Try slamming your head against a wall that many times a second. Or all the engineering, science and teamwork that goes into it all. Where it not for racing your car would still be as much as a model A as many improvements in performance and safety in automobiles have come from auto racing.

I am bothered that it’s a polluting sport since becoming an ecologist though. But then so is transporting soccer teams around, and Nascar will likely go to hydrogen before they do. Automotive racing (in general) is world class, it’s everywhere and much bigger than soccer, football, baseball and all those sports combined. They wouldn’t even be able to get around where it not for the automotive world that allows them to travel, hell, there wouldn’t even be airplanes, think about it. I’ve raced, I’ve had a forty ton eighteen wheeler sitting on a hundred miles an hour, it’s no easy task and not just anyone can do it, believe me. Shoot, not many people can take an automatic transmission apart and rebuild it, let alone understand how it works.

I said I don’t watch much TV, I didn’t say I don’t keep an eye on world news and events, because I do. I get my news from world wide sites, not just from American and Canadian perspectives. And it’s my job to sit and stew about things so there. They have to have food and peace in Darfur before they can think about putting together any games just to enjoy themselves. They need laughter and dance and music before that.

I don’t sit grumpily in a room fussing all the time either, I’m a very active person and do a lot of volunteer work and do at least one good deed a day, and attend peace protests and put my money where my mouth is by sending checks to those countries that need help. I’m pretty sure I do more than most people and I make personal sacrifices to do it. Like I drive a ten year old rig instead of buying a new one, but then, I can fix it and keep it running. And I live a simple lifestyle not full of things trying to fulfil my ego, plus I do some tinkering and inventing, mostly alternate energy things. In fact I’m set up to live off the grid and without electrical and water services if need be for a while. My area is due for a big earth quake and I stock water and food for three months so I won’t have to depend on others in case it happens. The support people will be plenty busy helping those that are not prepared. And I can make my own power and such, I’ve lived like that before, in fact I like to live like that.

Not that I was always that way mind you. It takes getting on a personal spiritual journey, becoming one with the universe before you really start becoming aware of the rest of the world and it’s problems. Oh I vote all right, and no, I have never supported that idiot Bush, but I’ve made a few enemies for bashing the fucking bible thumping fool. This country needs a non-christian to vote for, like that will happen soon, not with all the idiots in this country.

Now if you will excuse me I must go find some humor, it’s all about balance you know. :-) Have a good day hon and try to be nice to the planet. BBC


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