Thursday, May 18, 2006


Okay I was unimpressed with the ref. I agree that he had no other choice but to give Lehman the red card though. He blew the whistle too early and had to live with that choice and Lehman blew it badly. But I think he should have allowed Barcelona the advantage on Lehmans penalty. The goal was good. It should have been a yellow card for Lehman and a goal for Barcelona.
That said Henri got savaged the whole game and the ref ignored it and that sucks.
It was as if the ref freaked out after giving Arsenal the goal advantage and turned on them. Arsenal got yellowed near to death and Barcelona stomped ankles all day with impunity.
I like my refs to be a little fair you know.
Barcelona was obviously the better team despite playing like zombies for the first half , they deserved the win when they took Arsenal apart in the last twenty minutes. Arsenal was just exhausted.
I didn't agree with Henri's petulant running to the sidelines to bitch every three seconds though.
Play dammit, stop the whining.
I guess this will be the last of Henri at Arsenal though, he is crazy competitive and I am sure he wants to be a part of a team that lifts cups before he gets too old. Can't say I blame him really, a footballers career is pretty short and you have to do what you need to when the time is right.

Thank you for not killing off Brass. I like him a lot. I felt bad for Ellie though. Everyone knowing your bad history, giving you the look all the time. She loves her dad, she may not want to most of the time but she loves him and she showed up. I am glad Grissom kept her out of her dads house though. It would be pretty damn sad if Brass came home to no TV and no furniture.
I actually liked the Sara/Grissom moment. There have been hints all along that they were together and it was a nice casual soap opera crap..just two people getting ready for bed and talking about death. It wouldn't have killed them to maybe add a kiss would it?
Six years and not even a kiss? Oh hell...... It was nice.
I was a little irritated with Warricks story..did he leave his wife? I am guessing he did what with the weird, inappropriate, one sided "hey! I have issues" conversation with that dead guys sister.
I didn't like the dueling corseted man story, it was really lame. I think the plot was a little story overloaded. I really couldn't focus because damn people Brass might die! and that guy killing himself because he was too much a coward to go to a damn doctor and get a quadruple bypass.
Having a positive family history doesn't mean you are doomed idiot, it means you see a doctor a lot and get your history fixed..jeezus David Lettermans father dropped dead at an early age so Dave was wildly proactive and got his history corrected so he could have a family and a happy life. Dead guy was a coward and a creep. Sorry to his fictional sister but come one..that is damn irritating.
I think they should have allowed for a little breathing room so we could feel more traumatized by Brass's dire situation and Grissoms choice. Damn Grissom is a bold bastard, he just said do it. I shudder to think about making that kind of choice for anyone. You are wrong and they die? Then you are an asshole .
I have been in family meetings about this same thing and honestly it is best to pick someone bold like Grissom to be your health care proxy..makes us feel better anyway.
I like deciders..well not the George "I am the decider" Bush kind but you get my point.
I like Brass alive and I like Sara and Grissom together..the SS GeekLove sails! Now the trick is to keep the boat private and behind the scenes..lets have a normal, adult, happy, committed relationship shown DISCRETELY. I would be fascinated to see THAT shown on network would be something shocking and new!

I gave up ER over and over and over again and the finale reaffirmed why. Let's shoot the place up and oh no pregnant woman is bleeding because she had the GALL to decline a marriage proposal...Shut up ER..If you let Jerry die I will never watch again.... well honestly? I hardly watch at all so kill away.

I have to say that ABC sucks..Thanks for moving Greys Anatomy up against CSI!..Sorry I won't be able to watch anymore assholes.

World Cup is coming soon!

I have started a new intensive course of antibiotics and I can happily report I am starting to feel a little better! Yeah! It's about damn time.


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