Monday, May 22, 2006

Little things

I really enjoyed Sars essay this week. It made me laugh because it is something I have done myself for years. Especially when I am in a new city and feeling a little alone. I do always assume it's puke though..I just can't be that much an optimist.
Good news about Barbaro today, he is holding steady. I know all of us in the racing community really want a good outcome. We have worked so hard for advancements in equine orthopedics it will be a great thing if we can show that all the research was worth it.
I think it is a wonderful thing how so many people are expressing their concern for Barbaro. With the American history of destroying and murdering so many species it gives some hope that Americans may actually have some kind of conscience.
Read today that the Americans have almost succeeded at destroying all the coral off the coast of Florida..they just woke up the other day and went oh! I think it's all dead maybe we should care...
It is fascinating to me that most Americans think they are environmentalists just because they go on a hike or two. They are using up all the natural resources of the world at a terrifying rate, they are destroying ecosystems and shooting and killing bears, wolves and hell anything they can shoot at but they still insist the world should follow their example because they are doing everything right.
I think Americans embody everything that is a little terrifying about the world. They are generally quite nice in groups of one or two but when you get them all together they lose their minds. They are fanatical in their "we're number one" patriotic mindset and nothing anyone else says can change their minds. I have met some who seem to believe strongly in political equity, that the World Bank is destroying the economies of the third world and that the IMF is really an agent of great evil but the second you remind them that in reality the IMF is controlled by US conglomerates and that US foreign policy is actually the driving force of all that evil they begin chanting "we're number one" and they stop listening.
No one wants to think bad things about their own country but holy crap come can Americans just go so blindly through life?
Israel has suffered non stop terrorist attacks since they date of it's birth and America has tuttutted and held meetings and written reports. Almost every country in the world has suffered terrorist attacks and America has ignored their seriousness. America gets hit and all of a sudden it's important But once again America reacts by completely losing it's mind, wrapping itself in the flag screaming we're number one and promptly blowing up completely innocent people.
How blowing up terrified Iraqis hiding in their bathrooms can stop terrorists living in Afghanistan still puzzles me but what makes me even crazier is how America came to help us Canadians in Afghanistan by murdering helpless civilians laying in their beds in the middle of the night. Every time these idiot yahoos go out for a "little action" they kill the very people we are there to protect.
I honestly wish America would pull back, go home, close it's borders and roll into a fetal ball and stop bothering the rest of the planet.
At this point in history the very last thing we need are cowboys upsetting the balance of this world.
Go home America and please stay there, this is a time for quiet, intelligent people to talk..You know ..the grownups.
Please don't pout, it's not that we don't like you, we do, no, really..but you guys are really, really immature and we don't want to get blown up because you woke up feeling a little cranky.


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