Saturday, May 20, 2006

In other news BBC is still stealing content

This nut BBC or Billy Cook at GOD UNCENSORED continues to harass. He has followed me to other sites and is now harassing other people. I have once again reported him to Blogger but just a warning : if some really old guy wanders over to your blog and starts talking about how awful all women are, how he "lives off the grid" and is stocking up for "the big one" run don't walk away from this guy.
I have to say this man has absolutely ruined this environment for me. He turned hateful and ugly in a second and crazy even faster than that. I wish I had known that responding to a comment can ruin a good thing. I really wish this guy would get lost, mostly I wish he would stop stealing my content. A thief, a nut and a stalker..
C'mon Blogger do something.
To the idiot..stealing this post to comment on this post is still theft. You are a disgusting thief. Copy and paste that you criminal.


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