Friday, May 19, 2006


So there is this really weird guy that came to the blog awhile back. He seemed like a harmless old fart so I replied to a few of his comments. That was my mistake. I wandered over to his blog God Uncensored and realized wow, guy is a fruitcake so I tried to ignore him but he wouldn't stop with the comments. His comments started getting mean and personal and I told him to get lost.
No one needs some nut hanging around bitching about your television choices right?
Well..he wont go away..GO AWAY!
So I am do you get rid of some bitchy thousand year old friendless, familyless whiny lurker? I am being JUDGED by my gramma on the internet and it's freaking me out!
This guy Billy prides himself on the fact that he has run off his entire family, he hates women with a scary passion and I think he believes he is God...
I got really lucky with my nut didn't I?
Anyway I reported him to Blogger.
I also tightened up the comments thing which pissed me off...I never get any comments anyway so why should I now have to moderate them?

I also don't get why people think they can cut and paste your blog and then reproduce it on theirs..I am copyrighted..isn't that illegal?

Go away creepy Billy..I don't care what you think..Go hate someone else.


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